The Association of Gezogvian Nations (AGN) is a council of representatives from the Gezogvian nations. The purpose of the AGN is to create order and stability among its members. The AGN is responsible for handling and enforcing the international laws that all of its members are required to follow. The AGN was founded in 2263 by the permanent members of the security council.

Permanent Council Members

The Republics of Rootiga and Turine are the only two nations to be permanent members of more than one council.

Security Council Humanitarian Council Judiciary Council
Rootiga Rootiga Turine
Verdan Kliden Evelo
Esmite Oluivenary Venyate
Tezvan Bevack Manyon
Enoch Vuelak Mongal
Turine Torekore Apalyon

Laws Edit

All of the Associations laws apply only to other members of the Association of Gezogvian Nations

  • Only descendants of Gezogvian nations are valid for membership
  • All civilians within the Association of Gezogvian Nations rights are guaranteed in the list of Human Rights
  • All civilians, merchant vessels, hospitals and injured soldiers are exempt from direct attack
  • All military assets must visibly display a flag of its nation of origin and follow standard uniform protocols
  • All wars are only justified when an official declaration is publicly made among the AGN - if war is not properly declared the security council will use force to ensure proper engagement protocols
  • All official declarations of war must be made one day prior to initial attack
  • Intentionally preventing other nations from attending meetings, or stalling a vote intentionally is illegal
  • Impersonation of representatives of the state is illegal
  • Infringement on the rights of civilians illegal
  • Vote fraud illegal
  • WMD illegal
  • Genocide illegal
  • Slavery illegal
  • Kidnapping illegal
  • Torture illegal
  • Cloning illegal
  • Genetic Engineering illegal

Structure Edit

The AGN meets on a monthly basis, discussing issues and complaints brought about by its members. However the Association will have emergency meetings if the criteria for an emergency is met. Each year the leader of the AGN is rotated to another member, the current leader is the Republic of Mongal.

All members send a representative of which will make decisions based on what he feels best represents the wishes of his people, each nation only gets one vote on a decision. In order for a vote to take place, all members of the Association must be present. In order for a bill to pass, it must obtain at least 90% of the councils vote.

Members Edit

Rootiga, Verdan, Esmite, Turine, Tezvan, Enoch, Kliden, Bagule, Welate, Tunebau, Teka, Kuln, Havlor, Calraniol, Nekoya, Apalyon, Tulapeo, Venyate, Oluivenary, Cunran, Manyon, Furack, Xafos, Mongal, Timen, Llveen, Rekon, Bevack, Kembike, Nomer, Leven, Kreden, Jelei, Yuuven, Gregor, Torekore, Dovia, Vuelak, Rizen, Drevo, Kolovest, Redon, Nuveskot, Torgre, Evelo, Yureno, Sequet, Ganchia, Nant