The Rogue Dictatorship of Nant is a former Rootigan colony apart of colonization group 3 in the Feldor mission. All colonization groups in the Feldor mission had gotten lost, group 3 happened to come upon a tropical paradise in 2143, however 23 ears after the connection to the home world was lost, a civil war broke out. A man by the name of Galine Philipp had lead a nationalistic that sought control over the government on the assumption that they were no longer under Rootigan control.

The nationalists took control and installed a dictatorial government that has ruled since the civil war, 337 years ago. Nant lies far east 11 systems east of Verdanian territory, 1364 systems to the east of Rootiga and 28 systems west of Anastasia. Nant was only recently discovered 49 years ago in 2454 by Verdanian explorers.

The Rogue Dictatorship of Nant places its primary focus on military expansion, with its borders only spreading across 6 systems, the sole cause for this is the very limited population and natural resources of their home world. Nant has no allies, but has a rather keen interest in the city state of Tulapeo, despite being over 900 systems away. Nant has engaged in conflict with the nearby sister colony of Sequet (Colonization group 1), as well as attacking merchant vessels and engaging in piracy. Nant is disliked by every nation in the Alpha Quadrant. The Republic of Rootiga and Nant have the worst relations, Rootiga seeking to regain control of the former colony, much like it did with Sequet and is attempting with Tulapeo.