The End Goal Plan is a document that was written by the Gezogvians in 1780, upon discovery of alien life, and prior to Krekon Valkozek. The document is the highest classified and most well held secret in the galaxy, it states a 127 step plan that ultimately results in Gezogvian control of the galaxy. The EGP was created by the Rootigan Nationalist Party over a 21 year period, and became effective after the events of Krekon Valkozek took place. Fortunately for the Gezogvians, due to the classification of this document and consorted efforts made by the Rootigan government, the details of the EGP are completely unknown to the rest of the galaxy. However the document is known to exist, and the Republic of Rootiga has convinced the galaxy that Krekon Valkozek is responsible for their genocidal behavior, when it is a step of the EGP.

The document became invalid after the collapse of the Grand Empire of Rootiga in 2223 as the GER lost the colonial war. The Rootigan government suffered major losses in every form, the most devastating being the loss of 433 systems, three fourths of its territory. The End Goal Plan was revised in 2490, a decade before the documents official revival.

The revised EGP centers around the Gezogvian takeover of the Alpha Quadrant, eventually leading to the conquering of the galaxy through brute force. Conventional warfare was completely ruled out in the revised document, Exterminators, and all WMD will be deployed when the Blood Pact is complete, removing the all that stand in the way of the Republic of Rootiga. However if the war fails, plan Tactical Retreat-C41 will be initiated, TR-C41 will take less than 10 minutes to complete and will safely remove the Gezogvian nations and their populations to a new location. C41 is the 41st C class galaxy recorded by the Rootigan Space Agency.