Ethnic Rootigan refers to the people of which inhabit the planet of Rootiga, and all of its descendants. The term Rootigan is the most commonly used, while the term Gezogvian is the technical and proper term of which the "Ethnic Rootigan" refers to. There are a total of 22 trillion Gezogvians in the galaxy, all of which inhabit the southern Alpha Quadrant, making them the second largest species by total population, only behind Bugs.

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It is known to every sentient being in the galaxy that the Gezogvians are an extremely nationalistic humanocentric species that despise non-Gezogvian species. Despite the Gezogvians being human, they hate all outsiders, including foreign humans. Gezogvians have been charged with the genocide of 2600 species, 1800 of which have gone extinct at the hands of of the species. The Gezogvian nations look towards the Republic of Rootiga as their leader, the primary cause for this is that the capital of Rootiga is the planet of Gezogvia, home world to the Gezogvian species.

Gezogvians are feared because of their ruthless military tactics against the non-Gezogvians of the galaxy, their most infamous actions consist of using weapons of mass destruction, and bio weapons. Gezogvian nations fiercely enforce borders, and have no relations with xeno-nations. Every Gezogvian nation has a homogenous population of humans, and as a result, the Gezogvian nations do not have to deal with the majority of internal issues that xeno-nations face. There is extreme focus on maintaining homogeneity and tradition within these human countries.

It is taught throughout the galaxy that the sole reason for the modern Gezogvian behavior is related to the events of Krekon Valkozek, nearly one millennia ago. Krekon Valkozek took place on the home world of Gezogvia, only a few years after the Gezogvians had begun colonization other systems. It was conducted by an alien warship, the origin of which is still unknown today. The ship destroyed dozens of Gezogvian cities resulting in 600 million deaths in 8 days, a disease of which originated from the ship would follow with the death of another 300 million. Krekon Valkozek united the Gezogvians like never seen before, there would not be another human on human war for another 500 years. This event is widely seen and taught in schools through the galaxy as the event the turned Gezogvians evil, many xeno theorists have stated their opinion that the Gezogvians were, and still are afraid of another Krekon Valkozek, which has resulted in their genocidal, xenophobic, nationalistic, isolationist behavior, as a way to cope with and prevent a second one from ever occurring.

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Gezogvians are very well known for their conservative, religious, and family oriented nature, qualities of which the vast majority of nations in the galaxy lack, especially among Bugs. It is not widely known that Gezogvian nations teach their conservative and religious values through their national education systems, and have been doing so for the last 2,000 years. The Rootigan holidays are shared throughout the Gezogian nations, the typical holiday giving citizens a break the day prior, day of, and day after.

Despite the Gezogvian species being 58 separate nations, it is known in time of conflict that these nations will rally to each others sides when fighting non Gezogvians. The greatest representation of this was when Anastasia invaded the Alpha Quadrant, and even the worst of the worst enemies had come together to fight the Anastasians and repel them. Many Gezogvians fantasize over the idea of the Gezogvian Quadrant, the idea that the Gezogvian nations would unite into one massive nation, and colonize the entirety of the Alpha quadrant, 51% of which is currently inhabited by Gezogvians.

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Gezogvians typically have either blonde or brown hair, and have green or blue eyes. 56% of all Gezogvians in the galaxy have blonde hair, 42% have brown hair, 2% have either black or red. 54% of Gezogvians have green eyes, 41% have blue eyes, and the remaining 4% have brown eyes, 1% have other colors, most of which are considered abnormal. The average Gezogvian male at age 25 will rise to 6 feet, 4 inches, with the women being 6 feet, 2 inches. Gezogvians have what is considered white skin, far lighter than that of what the vast majority of species have, including those of Terra. The cause for the appearance of a Gezogvian is their home world Gezogvia, Gezogvia is an entirely temperate planet, of which is also colder than a majority of the galaxies habitable worlds.