Origin Edit

An unknown number of years ago, an intergalactic empire ruled by humans covered the whole of the galaxy. As a result, humans spread to nearly all of the habitable planets, making them the most abundant species in the galaxy, however not the most populace. The cause for the empires downfall is completely unknown, and until evidence is one day presented, it is left up to discussion.

Politics Edit

Humans were once a minority in the galaxy, however in the last 50 years their population has exploded, putting them as the second largest species in the galaxy by total population. Humans have largely controlled the political atmosphere in the galaxy for the last 300 years.

There is a sharp divide among the Human species, between the xenophiles and the xenophobes. The galaxies Human population is estimated to be 42% xenophilic and 58% xenophobic.

Humans are mostly seen as violent by other species due to historic Human on Human conflict that have resulted in the death of billions. However it has been recognized that the majority conflicts do not represent the feelings of the majority of the civilian Human population.

Description Edit

Humans have average physical strength, and are one of the galaxies most intelligent, creative and inventive species. Humans are the most crafty species in the galaxy, with the highest probability of survival in their natural habitat.

Classification Edit

Humans are often divided into "races", based on skin color of which humans vary from pale to dark brown. Among the races, humans can be divided by ethnicity, ethnicity are most commonly directly correlated to a specific region or country of which the Humans originate.

Most Common Ethnicity's

  1. Rootigan - The Rootigan's make up the single largest group of humans in the galaxy, a total of 22 trillion. Rootigan's have light hair and skin, and are very friendly among other Rootigan's, however, they despise the non-Gezogvian populations. Including other humans.
  2. Anastasian -
  3. USW -
  4. Weiban -