The Military Sentinent of Anastasia is the second largest nation located in the mostly undiscovered Beta Quadrant by population, economic power, military strength, and size. Anastasia is most popularly known for it's now replaced, tyrannical government.

History Edit

God created the Abilene to destroy, and the galaxy created Anastasia to end the Abilenese.
God created the Abilene to destroy, and the galaxy created Anastasia to end the Abilenese.

Anastasia dates back to the ancient kingdom of Feldorn that was located on the home planet of Novea. However, due to ethnic cleansing from the Abilenese Empire that was also on Novea, a team of colonists being led by Anastasia Von Maur was forced to flee the planet in order to conserve the Feldorn life.

The team of colonists consisted of a military general, civilians, scientists, teachers, doctors, farmers, miners, and average workers.

The colonists were set out to go through a wormhole that was known only by the Feldorn Kingdom, and was to be explored through later expeditions. Although due to the circumstances the colonists were forced to enter it in hopes of discovering a safe haven, a new home.

Anastasia Von Maur passed away nearly a year after the journey had began. For this reason, when the colonists discovered and settled on Domum, the now home planet of Anastasia, they named themselves "The Colony of Anastasia".

The colony of Anastasia then began to solidify itself as a nation nearly three centuries after it first touched down. As the colony had no true government before solidification, and was merely a community. The first form of government that the colony had was a dictatorship, as Feldish are taught that a powerful nation needs a strong leader. However, these civilians were being born into a new lifestyle and were not receiving the same education as the typical Feldish was. This caused the people to want a more representative government that was based more on military, and the people. Thus the first, and extremely simplified version of the modern Sentinent was created.

The idea of a Sentinent was great, but the stability of the first Sentinent of Anastasia was weak. Within a few years, the government had collapsed, and multiple political parties formed as they attempted to persuade the people. Anastasia then became a nation of warlords, as the political parties fought one another. The National Sentinel Party disappeared, and was replaced with the Authoritarian Reginal Party. The National Reginal Party eventually took order over the newfound nation, and installed the Anastasian Regine (Regine being an authoritarian monarchy). The Regine then expanded it's power throughout the region, and then eventually the planet throughout two hundred years.

As Anastasia grew larger they became in need of more resources to maintain their growing population. Hence the start of space exploration, and the establishment of mining Amplexes. With space exploration, began the civilian need to venture out into the vast darkness to a new vacation home, and Anastasia had the answer, Anaia.

Anaia was the tropical colony of Anastasia that was settled for the high class people. Anaia grew to become rich, and made up nearly a quarter of the Anastasian GDP. However, as more people moved to Anaia, the wealth classes began to grow, and Anaia fell into major unrest due to rioting from the working class. The working class wanted the same representation as the higher class, thus the idea of equal representation began to grow. The Anaians created a republic that would represent all, but due to them being only a colony state, they would be forced to follow under Regine rule. Nevertheless, Anaia united it's people and became United Anaia.

Anastasian Civil War Edit

The Anastasian Civil War was a war between the Sentinent Government of United Anaia and Anastasian Loyalists.

The civil war lasted nearly sixteen years, and ended with a reformation of the Anastasian Government and the abolishment of the Authoritarian Reginal Party. Anastasia was replaced with a modern Sentinent and became officially known as the Military Sentinent of Anastasia.

Mors Alieno Imperio Edit

The Mors Alieno Imperio is a series of events that lead up to the Anastasian Civil War.

Mors Alieno Imperio began with Anastasia annexing multiple micro nations, a nation made up of only one planet or system, inhabited by alien species in a short amount of time. The micro nations were treated as vassals and had no power in the Anastasian government, but were under complete Anastasian control. These micro nations were settled by Anastasian civilians as apart of Anastification, the process of shifting the culture and population to Anastasian way.

The Anastification plan succeeded at first, and Anastasia was able to keep order over the micro nations for one hundred years until Stulterian Confederation, one of the micro nations, revolted against the Anastasian government and murdered hundreds of millions of Anastasians. Due to this revolution, the Anastasian Government was forced to take military action and attempted to halt the revolution, but due to mass murder and assassinations on Anastasian generals, the Anastasian Government was forced to pull back from the planet. This caused major unrest on Domum as entire families were lost during the Stulterian Revolution.

The unrest only increased when other micro nations around the Anastasian Regine questioned Anastasian authority and began to revolt. These revolutions were all similar to the Stulterian's, as they would murder innocent Anastasian families living on the micro nations. To add to the matter, the Anastasian Government only intervened in the revolutions for the first months, and if the intervention failed the micro nations were to be bombed entirely, and the entire populations were wiped, including ethnic Anastasians.

Population wipes were seen as inhumane by most Anastasians, causing nation-wide riots. At this point, the Anastasian Government was seen as weak and tyrannical due to their reluctance to listen to the people of the nation. For this reason, United Anaia began to intervene, and accepted millions of refugees escaping the micro nation revolutions. United Anaia also threatened to secede from the Regine if proper action wasn't taken.

Their threat to secede sparked the civil war on Domum, as Anastasian people armed themselves against government officials and demanded a new government or major reformations. The civil war was minor, as only millions of people were courageous enough to fight their government, therefore Anastasia was able to control the armed men and women. However, the nation of Rootiga secretly began sending weapons to both Anastasian Loyalists, and rebels, causing the death toll to rise and more men and women to fight against the government.

Eventually Anastasia became a major war zone, and the government collapsed. United Anaia was then forced to intervene in the civil war, and established a temporary government, this government however was a Military Sentinent, and offered what the people wanted. Anastasian rebels started to join forces with the new government of Anastasia, but Anastasian Loyalists continued to fight against the new government, and the rebels. The loyalists were at a major disadvantage against the Anaian backed government, and suffered major losses. The loyalists were eventually forced to surrender, and compromised with the new government.

The micro nations were granted independence, but were annexed months after the new government was installed. They were given the same rights as Anastasians, but only when on their home planet, and were not given the same title as ethnic Anastasians.

The Anastasian Civil War ended with Anastasian Rebels and the Military Sentinent to take over the nation. On the micro nations, over ninety eight billion Anastasians were killed, both by aliens and the Anastasian Government. On Domum and Anastasian populated planets, twenty six billion Anastasians were killed, counting Loyalists and Rebels.

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Political Parties Edit

National Sentinel Party Edit

The NSP dates back to the first years of Anastasia. The NSP believes in a strong figurehead that has nearly all power over the nation, but guarantees equality and safety to all. Similar to socialism, they believe in free education, and different kinds of aid to those in need. The free education is however limited to only military families, as a Sentinent believes military and the people come first.

Authoritarian Reginal Party Edit

THe ARP is a party similar to an absolute monarchy. A Reginal has complete power over the nation, and has full control over it's people. They believe Anastasia needs a strong leader, with the working class having little representation. Reginals and Reginas are inherited.