The Endeavour Galaxy is divided into four quadrants known as Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Delta.

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Quadrant Total Population Total Wealth Total Military
Alpha 22T - 16.67% 1.87OCT - 74% 789K - 72.477%
Beta 10T - 7.23% 75ST - 1% 39K - 3.66%
Gamma ??? ??? ???
Delta 86T - 76.1% 620ST - 25% 260K - 23.85%

Alpha Quadrant Edit

The Alpha Quadrant is the second most populated, and is home to the famed Rootigan Empire, the most powerful nation in the alpha quadrant, and its 52 sister nations. Despite the Republic of Rootiga only housing 3% of the galaxies total population, it holds more than 34% of the galaxies wealth. The primary nations include the Republic of Rootiga, and The Imperial Commonwealth of Weiban and Her Colonies. In recent years, the Republic of Rootiga and its descendants have been pushing for the renaming of the Alpha Quadrant to the Gezogvian Quadrant, due to its Gezogvian population. The Alpha Quadrant is home to 22 trillion Rootigan humans, as the majority of other species within the Alpha Quadrant were exterminated.

The Alpha Quadrant originally housed 4300 species, 2400 of which are now extinct, while the remaining 1700 are either enslaved or are victims of genocide. At its peak, the Alpha Quadrant housed 78 trillion, however Gezogvians have lead to the death of 56 trillion, leaving the current population at 22 trillion, excluding the 2.8 trillion slaves which the Gezogvian nations refuse to acknowledge as living beings. Genocide started with the bugs in the galaxy, as they pose the greatest threat to all other civilization, however it worked its way onto all forms of life, including non Gezogvian humans. The Republic of Rootiga has lead the way with its Exterminator class warships, causing 26 trillion deaths alone, and extinction of 457 species, while the Republic of Verdan has wiped out 1200 species causing 4 trillion deaths, Imperial Tezvan responsible for 212 species one trillion deaths, and the remaining 600 species and 5 trillion deaths from the Republic of Turine, Esmite, Kliden, Torekoren, and the Empire of Enoch.

Beta Quadrant Edit

Little is known about the Beta Quadrant, except the fact that the Abilenese Empire's sphere of influence stretches far beyond its own borders and throughout the quadrant. The Abilenese Empire controls its inhabitants with an iron grip and is very nebulous of its political and military status. Once a group of Abilenese slave colonists, the Anastasian colonists narrowly escaped from Abilenese control through a small unknown wormhole and established a new home still within the Beta Quadrant later to be known as The Military Sentinent of Anastasia. This small unknown wormhole may be the best kept secret in all of the quadrant with the Abilenese still unaware of its whereabouts. The Beta quadrant is home to more than 10 trillion living beings.

Delta Quadrant Edit

The Delta Quadrant is the most populated quadrant and the most diverse quadrant with five different countries, and thousands of species. The current leading country regarding economy is the United Sovereign of Worlds. The Delta Quadrant is home to more than 86 trillion living beings.

Gamma Quadrant Edit

The most undiscovered, and mysterious quadrant in the Endeavour Galaxy is the Gamma Quadrant, with only one known country in the quadrant, it is only their colony. The Gamma Quadrant could possibly home a country more powerful than the known countries united.