The Republic of Oluivenary is the southern half of the Republic of Esmite. Oluivenary rebelled in 2502, and fought for its independence for nearly two years, until Esmite went into a peace conference and agreed to Oluivenary's independence. It is known that a major contributing factor to Esmite's surrender is the pressure that it received from its large neighbors the Republic of Rootiga, and the Republic of Verdan, both of which are superpowers. Oluivenary was invited to the Blood Pact in 2503 yet its membership has not been consolidated due to protest from Esmite, who is currently a member.

The civil war in Esmite started due to Esmite's left leaning government, far more left than that of every other Gezogvian nation.

The Republic of Oluivenary is a very young nation, the newest in the Alpha Quadrant (excluding colonies). The nation is currently recovering from the civil war, and has been extensively looking towards the Republic of Rootiga for aid and investment.

Oluivenary had originally been a self governing territory within the Republic of Esmite, previously under the name Eremonia. Once the territory rebelled it renamed itself and changed its flag as well.