Anastasian-Verdanian War 2265-2266

Anastasia Invaded Verdanian territory which is now the Republic of Mongal. Before this war, Gezogvian nations and Anastasia had never met one another. The Republic of Rootiga joined the war on Verdans side mid 2265 when Verdan Anastasian forces arrived at the Verdanian capital.

Anastasian Decisive Defeat - More than 90% of navy destroyed

Anastasian-Mongalian War 2372-2374

Anastasia attempted to annex Mongal yet again, however being apart of the Blood Pact, the rest of the Gezogvian nations came to Mongals defense.

Anastasian Defeat - 30% of navy destroyed

Blood Pact Cleansing 2379-2385

In the late 24th century, there was major push among the populations of the Gezogvian nations to clean up the galaxy, starting with insectoids and bugs. Anastasia happened to house many billions of insectoid and bug species, and due to overall dissident of the Anastasian government from the second Mongalian attack, the Blood Pact went to war.

Anastasian Strategic Defeat - Lost 112 billion citizens, 7 worlds and 1,256 space craft.

Rootigan-Anastasian War 2412-2413

Rootiga declared war on Anastasia in the early 25th century, primarily to put its newly developed Exterminators to the full test, the target was insectoid and bug infested planets.

Rootigan Pyrrhic Def - Anastasian loss, 21 billion citizens, 9 worlds, and 952 space craft - Rootigan loss, 1,543 space craft

Anastasian Civil War 2450-2470

Rootiga supplied weapons to both sides of the conflict, evacuating humans and gas bombing known insectoid locations. The death toll was 1732% higher because of Rootigan intervention.

Rootigan Decisive Victory - The civil war destroyed Anastasia, the Armed Republic of United Anaia took Anastasias place and became the new head government over previous Anastasian territory.

Second Rootigan-Anastasian War 2480-2483

The Republic of Rootiga fought with United Anaia against the rising new Anastasian Republic.

Anastasian Decisive Victory - The Anastasian government was restored to power after overthrowing United Anaia

Anastasian-Sequetan War 2494

Anastasia attempted to take control of former Rootigan colony Sequet, The Republic of Rootiga intervened to protect and save the former colony.

Rootigan Strategic Victory - Anastasian loss, 107 space craft