Overview Edit

The Imperial Commonwealth of Weiban and Her Colonies (ICW) is a medium sized nation situated in the Alpha Quadrant, it's citizens are loyal to the throne and the nation. It has five colonies, all of which have just been founded from 1992-2015 It is a semi-technologically advanced nation with a strong, elite military. The Imperial Commonwealth follows an expansionist policy, and has a strong trade industry and economy.

History Edit

The Beginning of Reunification (1800-1921 AT) Edit

The Imperial Commonwealth was once many small human nations and contingents within the Alpha Quadrant, the largest being Weiban and Fuso. All of these nations were connected, as they all had roots in an empire of old. These countries being the descendants of the empire. Weiban, wanting to restore the long lost empire and bring the region back to it's former glory would set out to unite the scattered nations into a commonwealth. Fuso, already on good terms with Weiban and also wishing to restore the former empire, would be the first to unite. Weiban and Fuso soon became the Grand Duchy of Weiban-Fuso lead by Kaiser Wilhelm of Hauslehm. After this, they conquered land and brought countries into the commonwealth one by one. During this conquest, they met fierce resistance from one of the countries and their natives, the Milani. The Miliani, having a long past of being slaves, discriminated against, and shunned in the old empire was highly against reforming the empire as they feared history would repeat itself. Eventually by 1921 AT, most of the former empire was re-united and the Imperial Commonwealth was formed. From there on out, Weiban would focus on growing the economy and military of the Commonwealth.

The Dawn of the Imperial Commonwealth (1921-1992 AT) Edit

From 1921 AT to 1954 AT, the commonwealth saw an economic boom from an influx of trade and foreigners. Weiban would remain at peace and benefit from a strong trade business from 1954 onwards.

The Modern Day (1992-Present) Edit

In 1992 AT, the first colony was founded, named Setzna after the Setznan people of Weiban and their historic homeland. Weiban would go on to settle more colonies and grow the commonwealth even further. Currently, The Imperial Commonwealth is neutral with most countries, it's main trade partners being the United Sovereign Worlds and some of the former Rootigan colonies. It's loyal populous can be found taking strolls in the capital's many parks and streets, working hard, making achievements and developing the commonwealth, or spending time with family and friends at home. Some of the commonwealth's more shut-in people can be found holed up in their flats and houses in dark rooms using their hologame systems. The Commonwealth's current leader, Kaiser Vilhaus Hauslehm II strives to grant his great grandfather and his people's wish of re-uniting the empire and becoming a universal power once again.

Cities Edit

City Population Continent Founded
Arcadia 2,772,000,000 Cantaz 1045 AT
Shinsu 2,142,000,000 Tenran 1047 AT
Alexandria 2,489,000,000 Tenran 1035 AT
New Alexandria 1,964,487,401 Tenran 2172 AT
Risa 4,174,472,000 Risa 1055 AT


2,452,000,000 Cantaz 1033 AT
Sunset City 1,033,257,432 Risa 1145 AT
Renrajekt 1,000,321,427 Kento 1821 AT
Favlona 2,000,000,000 Kento 1552 AT
Portven 1,214,342,983 Cantaz 2347 AT
Xolos 849,289,978 Kento 2485 AT

National Spending Edit

The Imperial Parliament decides on how much of the nation's GDP is allotted to certain functions and departments in Weiban.