The Republic of Rootiga is a Utopian class human nation with the largest population, military, and economy in the Alpha Quadrant. Rootiga is the founder of the Blood Pact, and the most powerful nation in the known universe.

Rootiga is most famous for its enslavement and genocide of alien species as a result of Krekon Valkozek. The Rootigan population is made up entirely of Ethnic Rootigan humans.


God created man, the universe, and everything in it.
Map of Rootiga (With Clouds)

Surface of Gezogvia

Pre-Space Era 1542BT-1710AT

Gezogvia previously inhabited dozens of nations, each of which had distinct policies and cultural identities, however they all shared a common tongue and religion. The Republic of Rootiga sat on the continent of Rootavia, of which the Gezogvians originated from. The planet was officially unified under the Rootigan government in the year 1593.

Early Space Era 1710-1793

Rootigans first put a member of their species into the orbit of Gezogvia in 1751. Not too shortly after did they put six men on the Gezogvian moon of Xeopha in 1756. The Rootigan space agency successfully colonized the the moon of Xeopha in 1767. Vast efforts were made to colonize a neighboring system with perfect conditions, they were met with success in 1793, when the first Rootigan interstellar colony was established.

Civil War 1790-1794

This period of time has been entirely forgotten and many historical texts covering the event were destroyed intentionally during the 19th century.

The conservative and progressive party's clashed in 1789 after the election, of which the conservative party won. At the Turinavents inauguration in 1790, progressive supporters attempted to assassinate the recently elected Turinavent at his inauguration, sparking the civil war.

The civil war continued for four years until 1794 Krekon Valkozek had hit the nation. The conservative party, known as the Libertarian party was reformed into the Nationalist party, and used Krekon Valkozek to its advantage to unite the population against the progressive party. By claiming that it was the result of the progressive party's treatment xeno-populations. The Nationalist party then outlawed non-aligning parties, and re-wrote the constitution illegally.

Interstellar Expansion 1820-2223

The interstellar expansion effort was officially made in 1820, when the first standard procedures for interstellar colonization were released. Within a hundred years, 50 systems were colonized with at least 10,000 citizens each.

Rootigan colonies rebelled in 2217, sparking the colonial wars. The colonial wars lasted until 2223, when the colonies reached Gezogvia, and received independence. This lead to the creation the nations of Verdan, Esmite, Tezvan, and Enoch.

Isolationism 2223-2372

After outer colonies received independence, the government began stressing the importance of internal development. Infrastructure and economic development reached unprecedented levels during this period.

In 2369 insectoids wiped out a dozen Rootigan and Verdanian settlements in the north east Alpha Quadrant. The attacks on Rootigan and Verdanian territory lead to the creation of the Blood pact in 2370. Had not been for the insectoid attacks on Rootigan and Verdanian territory, Rootiga would have remained an isolationist nation.

Interverntionism 2372-Current

Reminiscent of Krekon Valkozek, the Republic of Rootiga initiated Cleansing War, of which was intended to completely remove insectoid species from the Alpha Quadrant. For the first time in two hundred years the Republic of Rootiga became internationally active, invading hundreds of nations, wiping out trillions.

Rootigans became convinced of their role as the dominant power in the galaxy, of which was to dictate the fate of the galaxy. Since 2372 the Republic of Rootiga has participated in more than 600 wars and colonized 50 million systems. The Rootigan military budget was 15 OCT, 28% in 2372, however it ballooned to 245 OCT and currently stands at 70% of the GDP.

Krekon Valkozek 1794

Krekon Valkozek
Krekon Valkozek is considered by Rootigans, to be the most important event in all of Gezogvian history, and has had the most profound impact of any single event in all of Rootigan history. This was the worst catastrophe to ever hit Rootiga, it is an attempted extermination, and shaped Rootiga into what it is today.

At the start of 1794, an alien space craft entered the atmosphere and within hours began leveling Rootigan cities. Within one week the ship destroyed 35 cities and 6 mega cities, killing a total of 621 million. After the ship was successfully taken down with the use of the first ever Fusion Bomb, a virus had broken out and spread across the nation, taking another 352 million victims.


  • 973 million dead

Military Impact

  • Inter Continental Fusion Bombs were mass produced into the tens of thousands
  • Exterminator warships designed
  • 6% of the population volunteered for the military
  • In Defense of Man became active
  • Number of active warships increased by 780% over the next decade
  • Militarist policy became mainstream among the general population
  • Genocide became apart of the Rootigan doctrine

Political Impact

  • Human Primacy Party founded
  • Rootigas most popular party, the Libertarian party, was reformed into the Nationalist party
  • Xeno-nations declared as enemies
  • Constitution was re-written to specify rights to Gezogvian humans only
  • Borders officially closed to all Xeno-nations
  • Genocide legalized
  • Slavery legalized
  • Murder of aliens decriminalized and even legalized

Population Impact

  • Gezogvians became extremely aggressive and hostile to aliens
  • Population unified under the Nationalist cause
  • Xeno hatred popularized in media and in public education

Present Day


Planet of Gezogvia

The Republic of Rootiga is the only nation in the known universe to have absolute zero tax, the government being forced to rely on primarily tariffs for income. Rootiga is the largest nation in the alpha quadrant making up 25% of the entire quadrants population. The nation is composed of 347 systems, 2745 worlds, 1988 of which are unrestricted for corporation usage, while the remaining 757 are colonized inhabited planets.

Rootiga is the most political and economically stable nation in the galaxy, the nation boasts the galaxies highest living standards and largest middle class, as well as highest paid middle class. Tensions between the Republic of Rootiga, Anastasia and USW have never been higher.

Human exceptionalism

All of the 5.2 trillion Rootigans are humans, humans of which are Ethnic Rootigan and support the conservative government. The Rootigans are very well known for their extreme focus on tradition and being the same as one another. According to the International Society of Historians, the Gezogvians were the fastest to discover electricity, taking a period of only 4,200 years, far ahead second place taking 46,000 years (excluding civilizations that had the technology handed to them). The galaxies finest scientists and theorists have worked endlessly to try and discover the reason the Rootigans were able to develop as quickly as they have and reach the position of authority and power that they currently hold.



Commonly referred to as Slave City, Site 093 produces electronic components

Slavery was legalized by the Nationalist Party following Krekon Valkozek 800 years ago. Initially conducted because it was needed, eventually conducted on principle, now slaves are a burden, incapable of performing their tasks and riddled with disease. Since the Alpha Quadrant was cleansed of alien species 150 years ago, slaves have not been acquired by Rootiga, forcing the government to rely on births. The Rootigan government has been increasing mechanization efforts with the goal of replacing slaves with machines, due to many complications with the slave population.

The Department of Internal Commerce has been ordered to destroy any offspring produced by the current slaves, and no longer provide healthcare to the slave population. It is estimated that within 20 years the 973 billion slaves will be dead, nearly all of which by disease. Currently 100% of the slave population is inbred and malnourished, with 72% infected by at least one fatal disease.


The people of the Republic of Rootiga are extremely friendly and communal. Rootigans are well known for their inability to live on their own, typically living in large communities. They care for one another as if they were family, even for complete strangers. Rootigans share a bond with one another, that of which is unique among them alone in the galaxy.

It is typical for most to avoid Rootigans because of their habit of being brutally honest, even where it is not welcome. Yet among one another, their honesty has built trust and unity among the Rootigan people.

All known human diseases, viruses, and illnesses including cancer have been completely eliminated through mandatory vaccination laws, with the exception of the common cold. The Republic of Rootiga has cures for every current known illness to man. The Rootigans even have the medicinal capability to regrow lost limbs of human beings.


Rootigans are extremely family oriented, it is a cultural norm for Rootigans to marry by age 22, and have at least 3 children by age 25. 85% of households within Rootiga include at least six children. 78% of the eligible population is currently married with minimum 1 child. The government has stressed the importance of family relationships, and children, for the last 700 years. Small families are extremely frowned upon in Rootigan society.

Women in the Republic of Rootiga are impossible to find in the workforce, as the Rootigan government glorify's motherhood and the responsibility that only a woman can take on. As a result of the nearly 5000 year tradition, Rootigan women are repulsed and offended when suggested that they seek employment.

Men in the Republic of Rootiga compose the entirety of the workplace. The Rootigan government glorify's strong men with leadership and determination, who take responsibility and care for family, and condemns those who oppose. The entirety of the male population believes it is their duty as a man to provide for the family they create, and that they must do anything and everything to protect them.


State Population Map-0

State Populations

Average Weight
  • 185 lbs Male
  • 116 lbs Female

Average Height

  • 6'6 Male
  • 6'4 Female
Meta-chart (1)-0

Hair Colors

State Foreign Born Population-1

Foreign Born Populations

Meta-chart (2)-0

Eye Colors


Rootiga At Night Realistic

Surface of Gezogvia at night

Marble Valley, Rootavia

Marzoa Valley, Rootavia

Gezogvia is the capital and home world of the Republic of Rootiga. The planet is viewed as divine by the Rootigan population, and is admired by the nations large population. Gezogvia is the cultural powerhouse of the Republic of Rootiga, all forms of media and entertainment are produced on the capital. 93% of Rootigan mega corporation headquarters are based on Gezogvia.

Chemical Cleansing of 1752

Amidst the planets modern era, the world was overpopulated, the planets technology at the time simply could not handle the 17,000,000,000 inhabitants. The world governments came together and as of 1752 enacted the Chemical Cleansing, of which was a substance released into the atmosphere and the planets oceans. The substance was used to wipe out the planets insects as they were viewed as a threat to the growth and livelihood of human beings.

The substance was also used to purify the planets body of water, converting it from salt into fresh water, which as a result wiped out the vast majority of aquatic life on the planet, with only freshwater species remaining. However as far as insects came, the governments had scientists determine which insect species were beneficial for crop production, and which were needed for the continuation of the planets ecosystem, genetically modifying those species prior to the Chemical Cleansing. Due do Gezogvian ignorance at the time, less than 100 species of insects remain, while all salt water life has gone extinct.


City of Vardossa, the tourist capital of Gezogiva

City Population Continent Founded
Vergokai 193,517,000 Verdania 1153AT
Lekteved 169,931,000 Markenia 1123AT
Gedravio 152,862,000 Rootavia 1530BT

(Current Capital)

124,783,000 Verdania 1168AT
Oronatiev 81,311,000 Rootavia 821BT
Turine 74,432,000 Rootavia 238AT
Zevenkreda 63,122,000 Turania 967AT

(Former Capital)

55,896,000 Rootavia 1531BT
Lavrotanda 41,540,000 Verdania 1352AT
Vardossa 30,923,000 Vardossa 1475AT


The Republic of Rootiga centers its internal economic policy around libertarian extremism. The Rootigan market place is dominated mostly by small local businesses, while mining and resource acquisition is mostly conducted by mega-corporations.

The vast majority of hard labor and low-education jobs have been filled by machines and robots, such as janitorial work, landscaping, cashier, and most industrial work. An estimated 66% of the population is employed within the governments definition of small business, while 13% work in offices, and the remaining 21% operate within mega-corporations.

Unlike the vast majority of nations in the galaxy of which use Fiat currency, the Republic of Rootiga has taken extreme efforts to ensure that its currency has remained backed by the value of gold. The government has gone as far as to remove billions of paper currency from the market in order to temporarily re-balance the value.

Transportation, and healthcare are completely privatized, resulting in high quality service, while the government focuses its efforts towards military and scientific development.



The Rootigan government is renown for its massive military, of which receives 70% of the entire governments budget, and is larger than that of all nations combined in the galaxy.

The Republic of Rootiga is unique in that it will pay women of whom are mothers of 6+ children $1000 each month..

Popularized into a joke is the parade budget of Rootiga, of which is larger than education and law enforcement combined. The funding provided by the government is used to fund parades around the nation for holidays, the most expensive being Juva 7th



Corporate distribution center, Koradia

Nearly all Rootigan infrastructure is and has always been developed by private company's. Distribution centers are the most common form of transporting goods in the Republic of Rootiga, these large orbital stations house millions of drones and cargo ships. Maglevs cover the majority of the colonized worlds, however they have been reduced to mostly passenger operations due to the rise of distribution centers.


As powerful as the Theocratic Turnaist Republic of Rootiga is, the people truly rule the nation. The Republic of Rootiga is unique in the known universe, being the only nation that has absolute zero tax. This has been the case since the very beginning of Rootiga, 4,000 years ago, as Queen Rootavia was an adamant believer in God, and thought the very principle of taxation to be the definition of theft.

To supplement the lack of income the government had, she established the House of Goods, now known as the Department of Internal Commerce. The DIC currently behaves like a corporation, providing the entirety of the governments income via selling goods to the Rootigan population, goods of which are produced by slave labor.

Unrestricted Worlds


Industrial operation in the Nishpan System

The Rootigan government for the last 500 years has designated un-inhabitable for unrestricted corporation usage, and sold entire planets to corporations. Before a planet becomes purchasable, both the surface and subterranean layers of the planet must be surveyed by the RSA. In most cases, a corporation will buy a planet and lease out sections to other companies. After the Bevanians invented terraform technology, the government stated that at least one planet in each system will remain under government control to be terraformed and colonized. Corporations are allowed to terraform planets, however it is illegal for citizens to colonize unrestricted worlds.

Political Parties

Rootigan Nationalist Party-0

Rootigan Nationalist Party - Formerly known as the Libertarian Party, the RNP was initially founded in 1508BT. The party was reformed into the Nationalist Party in 1794AT, immediately following the events of Krekon Valkozek. The RNP is the most popular party, averaging 97% of the total votes in all elections across the board. The RNP despises all non-Gezogvian nations in the galaxy, to members of the party, the only nation that matters is the Republic of Rootiga. Members of the party firmly believe that the best defense is a good offense, prompting its members to be massively in favor of aggressive warfare against nations that pose a threat. Many of the Nationalist Party's beliefs are borrowed from the Human Primacy Party, of which the RNP views are very favorable.

98% of the population are registered members of the RNP

Policy Party Ruling Exceptions
Borders Closed None
Economics Invisible Hand None
Allies Gezogvian None
Government Turnaism None
War Unrestricted None
Genocide Unrestricted Non-Rootigans only
Human Primacy Party

Human Primacy Party - The HPP is the second most popular party averaging 2% of the total votes. It was founded 1794 after Krekon Valkozek. Unlike the RNP which focuses on the people Republic of Rootiga, the HPP focuses on all the humans of Gezogvian descent. The HPP is responsible for the creation of the Exterminator warships, In defense of Man Bill, and worked with the RNP to create the End Goal Plan. The HPP pushes for the extermination of the non Gezogvian species in the galaxy. The HPP is also responsible for the GQ movement, in which the Republic of Rootiga would unite the Gezogvian nations, and seize control of the Alpha Quadrant. It is typical when the RNP wins an election, that many HPP members are placed in the foreign relations department. Many view this party favorably, however refuse to officially join due to its war policy.

2% of the population are registered members of the HPP

Policy Party Ruling Exceptions
Borders Closed Non-Gezogvians only
Economics Invisible Hand The will of the people
Allies Gezogvian None
Government Turnaism The will of the people
War Restricted Non-Gezogvians only
Genocide Restricted Non-Gezogvians only

Foreign Relationships

Alpha Map Rootigan approval

Foreign populations approval rating

Allied Friendly Neutral Unfriendly Enemies
Verdan BP Tezvan Llveen Cunran Anastasia
Esmite BP Tunebau Xafos Nuveskot Enoch
Turine BP Venyate Weiban Yureno Nant
Kliden BP Kembike Welate Terra
Bevack Furack Bagule Evelo
Mongal Torekore Timen
Oluivenary Vuelak Lebon
Nekoya Yuuven Gregor
Tulapeo Leven Rizen
Jelei Nomer Torge
Rekon Kolovest USW



Rootiga and Anastasian relationship is best characterized by the Rootigan Anastasian Wars.

It is said that no nation or people group hates one more than the Rootigans do the Anastasians. Rootiga and its people have never had a good opinion of Anastasia, primarily due to their first contact being when Verdan was attacked in 2265, during this time Rootiga and Verdan were in a war, but seeing their Gezogvian brothers were in danger, they ended the war and stepped in with Verdan against Anastasia. Anastasians are a majority non-human species, that have a military run government, and have attempted to seize control of the Rootigan colony of Sequet. The best example of their relationship is Anastasian civil war, in which Rootiga had supplied and supported both sides of the conflict. This was done to cause as many casualties and destruction as possible. It is estimated that the death toll was 1732% higher than it would have been had the Rootigans not intervened.

Large portions of the Gezogvian population have been petitioning for the use of Exterminator class frigates on the Anastasian core systems. The Rootigan government has been known to officially hire pirates on the Alpha and Beta Quadrant border. The pirates have been interrupting Anastasian trade with Xeno-nations in both the Alpha and Delta Quadrants, most pirates originate from the former colony Nant.

United Anaia

United Anaia was a core system in the military sentinent of Anastasia, with enormous wealth and economic power, that rose up during the Anastasian Civil War, and over through the tyrannical government. The Republic of Rootiga supported both the rebelling nation sates and Anastasia itself with equipment. However United Anaia was the most favored side in the civil war, and large portions of the Rootigan population was very fond of the new government, post Anastasian Civil War. The nations policies and population demographics were congruent with what the people of Rootiga wanted.

Then the Anastasian-United Anaian civil war began, in which the Republic of Rootiga directly intervened by sending 3 fleets to support United Anaia against the Anastasian rebels. However the power of the Anastasians was greatly under estimated and by the time reinforcements were able to arrive, the war was over and Anastasia had overthrown United Anaia. The people of Rootiga were filled with distraught when United Anaia had capitulated to Anastasia, and the newly established military dictatorship that currently stands was put in place, causing Rootigan approval of Anastasia hit an all time low. Protests take place every year on the day that United Anaia capitulated, in attempt to bring a response from the government. Many Rootigans want the government to enter a third offensive war with Anastasia and bring back United Anaia.


Turinian Republic Flag (real)

Turine is the closest ally of the Republic of Rootiga, Turine maintains an independent stance on most galactic issues, however will typically follow Rootiga's lead. Turine was the Republic of Rootiga's second galactic colony, colonized in the late 19th century. Turine is currently a member of the Blood Pact. It remained a colony of Rootiga years after all other colonies had been given independence. Turinians are very fond of Rootigans, and Rootigans of Turinians. Turine alone accounts for 72% of all Rootigan imports, nearly all of which is rare metals. Rootiga supported Turine in its civil war, ensuring that it would not fall to Tunebau, and Turinians are deeply greateful for it.

The Rootigan form of government known as Turnaism was originally developed by the Turinians, an enormous contributing factor as to why Rootigans are extremely fond of Turinians. Unlike other allies, the Turinian-Rootigan people are responsible for the nations relationship. Turinian people have great respect and awe for the people of Rootiga, whilst Rootigans maintain a very protective relationship with Turinians. Turinians have petitioned 13 times since 2243 (the date of which Turine was given independence), to join the Republic of Rootiga as a core system. The bill has been denied every time, yet has been gaining more support in the last decade.


Tulapeo Flag (real)

Tulapeo is the tourist destination for Gezogvian nations, however 54% of its tourists are from the Republic of Rootiga alone. More than 90% of Tulapeos Nulao fruit is exported to the Republic of Rootiga. Many Rootigan corporations, primarily hotel brands, have sizable investments in Tulapeo. Rootigan culture has a profound effect on the city state, most notably in the entertainment industry, and the nations restaurants and cuisine that they serve. Much like Turine, the populations of Rootiga and Tulapeo are enormously fond of one another.

The issue regarding Tulapeo's independence is a very gray areay, both Verdan and Rootiga claim that Tulapeo is their territory, as it was colonize by Rootiga, then conquered by Verdan in 2223. Tulapeo has voted and been accepted to integrate into the Republic of Rootiga as a core territory, receiving full military deployment in orbit, with the term that no soldier shall set foot upon the neutral nation. Tulapeo has been under Rootigan protection since it gained independence from Verdan, its tourist industry did not begin to develop until after it had become an independent nation.


Nekoyan Flag (real) 2.0

Nekoya if official, would have been Rootigas 6th interstellar colony, and currently receives protectorate status from the Republic of Rootiga. The Rootigan and Nekoyan populations are extremely fond of one another, and have been since 1883. The most famous characterization of the Nekoyan-Rootigan relationship is the immigration, since its founding Nekoyans have illegally immigrated into the Republic of Rootiga. Since Verdanian attacks and genocide the numbers quintupled, in the last 30 years alone, 100 billion have illegally entered the Republic of Rootiga.

Nekoya recently exited a civil war, in which the Turnaist government emerged victorious with support from the Republic of Rootiga. Nekoya has been split between supporters of the nationalistic monarchy which held all power, and the Turnaist supporters, which wanted to be free, and to have a closer relationship with the Republic of Rootiga. The newly installed Turnaist government of Nekoya is extremely pro-Rootigan, even establishing Varzagranism as its national religion, replacing the previous religion established by the monarchy. Despite being allowed to immigrate to Rootiga, Nekoyans have not been granted the rights of citizens, and never will, due to Article 2 Section 1.2 of the constitution.


Verdan Flag (real)

Verdan is currently a member of the Blood Pact, an alliance of Gezogvian superpowers. Verdan is the Republic of Rootigas second closest and most powerful ally. Many have given the Rootigan-Verdanian alliance the nickname the "Unholy Alliance", as it is the galaxies two most powerful nations of which have historic hatred for one another. Historically both nations have been strong enemies, however differences were put aside on a political scale when the Anastasians attacked Verdan in 2265. The considerable hatred comes from the treatment the Nekoyans have suffered from Verdanians, while the majority comes from pre-space era conflict.

The Republic of Rootiga and Republic of Verdan combined, contribute to more than half of all humans found in the entire galaxy. Together these strong allies boast a combined military might of nearly 200,000 warships, 170M soldiers, 80% of the galaxies total WMD's, and conduct military training exercises together on a daily basis. The two nations have a travel agreement in which all citizens in either nation can travel between with no required legal documents, as well as a unique immigration process which allows citizens to immigrate within a single week of application. The majority of efforts made by the governments has been to unite the populations to the best of their abilities, due to historic conflict between the two.


Kliden Flag 2.0 (real)

Kliden is one of the five founding members of the Blood Pact, and the Republic of Rootiga's closest political ally. The two nations populations are very fond of one another. Kliden and Rootiga are cooperating with one another for the EGP, the Rimworld Initiative, Voda Dova and Zukudei Nodre agreement.

Rootiga and Kliden currently illegally gather information on every single government in the galaxy, and store the data in facilities that lay within the Klidenian Nebula. The two fight alongside one another in every war, whether or not it is defensive or offensive. Kliden is the only foreign power to sign a defense pact with the Republic of Rootiga outside of the Blood Pact.


The Republic of Rootiga experienced a massive revamp in 2412 short after the second Cleansing war. The Rootigan military is the most powerful in the galaxy, however it has been largely untested for three decades. The Rootigan military has seen unprecedented growth in the last 33 years, leaving many to assume that the Republic of Rootiga is preparing for a massive conflict in the near future. There are three times as many naval vessels in service today as there were in 2480.


The vast majority of the Republic of Rootiga's ships are built in the shipyard of Nishpan. 74% of all current warships in the navy were produced in the shipyard of Nishpan. Nishpan is the largest shipyard in the Republic of Rootiga, and the galaxy, with a total construction capacity of 2,500 warships, and a maintenance center that can hold up to 1,500.

Operating peak efficiency, the shipyard will produce 5,000 standard Vardossan frigates a year. Nishpan is also responsible for the salvage of older models, in the last 23 years, 21,000 spacecraft have bee scrapped, with 45,000 remaining, all of which were designed prior to the 2480 streamline.

The dockyards of Nishpan can hold 50,000 warships and house 3,000,000 soldiers. The station of Nishpan requires 4,120,000 crew to properly operate. The Nishpan station has 100,450 defense platforms, 1,400 anti-fleet artillery guns, and six specially designed defense fleets, making it the most heavily fortified location in the galaxy.

Ground Forces


VDU Squad

The Republic of Rootiga does not have a typical army, rather than operating a traditional large force, the Rootigan army currently only operates special force units. The army founded the VDU, which conducts the majority of front line operations, and the largest special forces unit with over one million participants. As of 2412 the army officially disbanded its mass-assault branches with only special force units remaining

Rootigan infantry have been known for the use of tactical nuclear devices, the most common being the TTR nuclear grenade. The average Rootigan soldier costs 78,000 RUC, equivalent to Verdan, Anastasia, and Turine, the three following largest military's combined.

Special Forces


OTS Operators

Rootigan special forces are the elite of the best in the galaxy. All special forces are equipped with specialized suits that are customized uniquely for each special forces unit. The special forces are divided into a total of 100 separate units, each with distinct specializations.

On average, operators train for six months prior to activation, 99% of applicants fail training. Most units are accompanied by drone operators which play strictly supportive roles. 21 of the 100 units have never failed an operation, while 37 have failed one, and the remaining 42 have failed two or more operations.


URD Operator

Rank Unit Name Operators Specialization SR Total Op
1 Exved Zevd 50 DA 100% 81
2 Uven Rekzev Dek 50 DA 100% 78
3 Zirius Kirva 110 DA 100% 77
4 Rexded Tezde 50 SR 100% 74
5 Jevka Ruve 50 UW 100% 72
6 Drosda Krovan 50 SFA 100% 66
7 Radovan Randoran 150 DA 100% 65
8 Loda Vora Kado 250 UW 100% 63
9 Ova Tukren Sodask 570 DA 100% 61
10 Zero Veda 180 DA 100% 60

Space Forces

While the army lags behind other superpowers in the galaxy, the Rootigan navy is widely regarded as the best in the galaxy. The Rootigan navy is famous for its streamlined mass-produced warships, the most iconic of which is the 2480 Vardossan class Frigate.

Ship Total Constructing Ordered ETA
Corvette 26,230 5,200 27,400 2512
Destroyer 31,160 500
Frigate 43,220
Cruiser 8,590
Battleship 359 46 171 2510
Ravager 56 10 42 2507
Carrier 443 22
Exterminator 150
Sniper 8,700 2,600 13,700 2506
Capital Ship 11 1 2 2517
Experimental 95 18 26 2525
Hospital 250
Total 114,962 8,397 41,341

Air Forces

The Rootigan air force was absorbed into the navy during the military revamp of 2412, and is no longer operating as a separate branch of the military.

Aircraft Total To Carriers To Bases
Multirole 9,976,500 3,322,500 6,654,000
Medium Bomber 3,941,000 1,329,000 2,612,000
Heavy Bomber 2,416,500 664,500 1,752,000
Interceptor 1,915,500 1,107,500 808,000
Attack 1,785,000 1,329,000 456,000
Torpedo Bomber 1,227,500 1,107,500 120,000
Total 21,262,000 8,860,000 12,402,000

Galactic Colonization

Core Systems Population GDP


Naval Presence
Gezogvia (Capital) 26.9B 57.1 15,000
Markenia 37.8B 79.8 10,000
Nishpan 28.7B 44.2 10,000
Koradia 26.5B 43.6 1,000
Ezveria 25.7B 46.7 1,000
Zoria 24.5B 41.3 1,000
Dezavia 24.1B 35.2 1,000
Sheratan 23.1B 38.8 1,000
Kreden 21.6B 39.4 1,000
Koralia 19.5B 40.7 1,000
Vezeria 18.7B 36.5 1,000
Noveria 18.2B 34.1 1,000
Tulapeo 2.3B 11.0 100

23rd Century

The 23rd century is widely regarded as the colonial period of the Rootigans, of which vast majority of interstellar colonization was conducted during. Ten million systems were colonized between 2200-2300, colonization greatly decreased as a result of the Rootiga-Verdanian war and the Anastasian-Verdanian war in the late 60s. The 23rd century was also the period of which former Rootigan territories Verdan, Esmite, Turine, Enoch, and Turine gained independence.



City of Vutoia, Markenia

Historically Rootigans have been known for their very simple and mostly square architecture. Rather low in durability, Rootigan architecture was designed to maximize space and use it efficiently.

Rootigan architecture changed drastically in the 25th century, after the Hualeo Voa Tulapeo hotel opened, giving birth to Utopian architecture, often referred to as Rootopian architecture. Utopian architecture became popularized following the completion of the Hualeo. It is extremely durable, however wastes the majority of the land it uses, and is rare due to construction cost.

National Symbols

Elk Media 2

Male and Female Elk

National Animal

The Elk has been the national animal since 1542BT, 4045 years ago. It is a natural non-sentient species originating from the Rootigan home world Gezogvia. The antlers grow to an average of 5 feet in width, and have themselves become a national symbol. The Elks anters were prominent feature of Grand Empire of Rootiga's flag, and can be found displayed across many government buildings in Rootivakjeta.

Elk have been brought to many of the populated Rootigan systems as an invasive species, and are illegal to hunt nationwide. The animal was declared as endangered in the 1800's due to hunting, and as a result, it became illegal to hunt the species. It is currently one of the largest non-sentient species in the galaxy with a population of 800 million.

National Bird

1270 0

The white tailed eagle was declared the national bird of Rootiga in 754BT, 3257 years ago. The white tailed eagle is the largest bird of prey native to the Rootigan home world Gezogvia, and became illegal to hunt after the it was declared the national bird.

Due to overpopulation, the Department of Environmental Affairs began displacing the species to newly colonized planets in the 21st century. There are currently 600 million white tailed eagles in the Republic of Rootiga

Stars and Stripes

Apalyon 2.0 (real)

Flag of Apalyon, a colony originally founded on a swamp planet

Despite their representative Turnaist meaning, the stars and stripes featured prominently on Rootigan flags have become a symbol of tyranny and Rootigan Imperialism to many species in the galaxy. The Rootigan government established a standardized colonial flag, which uses the 13 stripes of the Rootigan flag and the Varzagranist star, to demonstrate the colonies allegiance and religious ties to the Republic of Rootiga. Colors are usually chosen based on a prominent feature of the capitals natural landscape, fauna, or wildlife.


Each flag has the star of Varzaganism, the state religion, centered in the middle of each flag, as the authority of God over the nation. The white on the flags signifies peace, purity, and harmony. Blue signifies determination, liberation, and good fortune.

As for the flag of the republic, the stripes represent the continents on the home world, one stripe for each continent. The stars represent the the core systems of the Republic of Rootiga, one for each system. The Varzagranist start encircled by regular stars represents the capital, Gezogvia. The flag was designed and made official in 2230, after the nation lost empire status following the colonial rebellion of 2223.

The Imperial flag was designed by the nationalist party in 1855 and was the official flag of the Republic of Rootiga until 2230. The 8 stars were added after 2231 and represent the nations of which gained independence from Rootiga. The diagonal lines were taken from the Verdnaian standard as Verdanians make up the second largest population of Gezogvian humans behind Rootigans.

The Imperial flag is displayed during ceremonies and parades, and is frequently used by the navy, however it is most commonly used by extremists that push for a reunification of the former empire.



All laws and government organizations are subservient to the constitution, of which cannot be modified in any way and is to be interpreted literally.

Astravents and Solavents attend the Kolven Turnai with the Turinavent and Tetravent to vote on proposed laws.

All elected officials are limited to 3 terms of which a single term lasts 6 years.

War can only be

  • Proposed by the Turinavent
  • Declared after accepted by the Executive General
  • Declared after a vote among the general population with a 70% majority