The Republic of Rootiga is the largest nation in the Alpha Quadrant, in terms of directly controlled systems, population, military strength, and economic power. Rootiga is the founder of the Blood Pact, and the most powerful nation in the known universe, both economically and militarily. Rootiga is the center of life for human nations, the cradle of human civilization in the galaxy.

Rootiga is most famous for its enslavement and genocide of alien species as a result of the End Goal Plan. The Republic of Rootiga is also well known for colonizing 3/5 of the Alpha Quadrant, the vast majority of which has become independent human nations. The Rootigan population is made up entirely of Gezogvian humans. Current Colonies include Apalyon, Calraniol, Halvol, Kreden, Manyon, Kuln, and Teka.


God created man, the universe, and everything in it.
Map of Rootiga (With Clouds)

The Beloved Queen Rootavia

Rootiga was founded in 1542BT by the people of the village of Rootivakjeta, when the the citizens had gathered and voted a man by the name Vano Rootiga as the leader of their village, Vanos wife died during the childbirth of their daughter Rootavia. Vano had ruled alongside a council of 10 elderly villagers, all of which were elected into the council by vote. The council became known as the Kolven Turnai (council of elected). Since there were no term limits, council members served until death. Vano had died at 42 due to an infection, leaving his 16 year old daughter Rootavia Rootiga to take power. Rootavia played a major role in creating the nations constitution, shortly after taking leadership.

Rootavia was a young benevolent woman who was loved by all the people of Rootivakjeta. Rootavia was a devout believer in the Varzagranist faith, she believed it was her duty to set an example for the future generations to follow. She was well known for her selfless, caring nature. Rootavia despite being so young, she was very knowledgeable, thanks to her grandfather, whom died when she was 14.

Rootavia spent most of winter in her garden by the river, tending to the sick and poor. She established the Homen Hall, a center for townsfolk who did not have a warm place to sleep during winter. In spring she assisted farmers with the watering of their crop. She took part in setting up the villages of Gedravio and Vergokai, and taught many of the villagers how to make pastries and grain related foods.


Luia Vo Koa

Rootavia was famous for her fascination with flowers, and her establishment of the towns first parks. One of which was her personal flower garden, she nicknamed it Luia Vo Koa. It now stands as a national park. Rootavia grew a large variety of flowers in Luia Vo Koa, many of which she grew in baskets that she placed on street corners to make the town more lively and colorful. Rootavia held large feasts every year on Kritzmoa, with all of the townsfolk, amidst winter.

She never turned down the opportunity to help one in need, as long as they were fully capable and willing to work. Rootavia created the Rootigan cultural norm Tokre Den Zokra (Together we stand), by insisting that the responsibility of protecting yourself begins with protecting others. Rootavia passed away during the winter of 1508BT, at age 34 due to an illness now known as the common cold. Though her example remains prevalent to this day, as she is seen as a role model in modern Rootiga, an example of what Rootigans strive to become.

Rootigan Space Program


Planet of Gezogvia

The space program began in 1710AT, with the initial goal of mapping the two moons of Rootiga, Jedvora and Xeopha.

The first satelite known as the G1 Explorer was launched into space in 1712, it was intended to fly by and take pictures, however it got stuck in orbit, and even remains in orbit to this day. The newly founded RSA (Rootigan Space Agency) studies both moons for nearly a decade constantly sending probes into orbit, by 1731 a theory was created, it stated that the moons were habitable for human life. After the landing of the first rover, in which it took samples of the atmosphere and surface for 5 years, before a rocket was sent with a module that would land, acquire the samples and return, proving the theory correct.

By 1734 the RSA had set out a new goal, to have man breath air on the moon of Jedvora, as the surface was far flatter than Xeopha. Only four years later they successfully put the first man in orbit, Rengo Verdoa. Over the next two decades enormous testing would occur, re-creating the landscape and creating prototypes for properly landing and returning, as well as training astronauts for the mission. The G5 Rocket had been complete Hedrad 5th, 1756, complete with a crew of six, the G5 Rocket had successfully landed on the moon.

The astronauts took off their helmets and wandered the surface of the moon admiring the similarities and differences to that of Gezogvia. A special feeling of pride washed over the nation of Rootiga, the people are amazing and have wanderlust like never before, and as result of request, the RSA had made make preparations to send people to establish the first colony on the moon. The initial mission had failed when the spacecraft U-Verdera had exploded mid flight to due pressurization malfunctions. The RSA will recieve funding to conduct a second mission, the spacecraft S-Portrev will be redesigned for the mission, and as of Tutreden 29th, 1767 the colony of Arvoka was established with 25 inhabitants.

Following the establishment of Arvoka, the people wanted to reach to the stars, establish colonies on other planets, even other solar systems. This resulted in the quintupling of the RSA budget, speeding up the research process, and progress of the new mission to establish a colony on a neighboring planet nicknamed Esmite, due to its rich deposits of Ezmirtian crystals. However after the establishment of this colony Esmite, the events of Krekon Valkozek take place, instilling anger into the hearts of all people in Rootiga. Immediately following, the RSA is tasked with the creation of the first space war fleet, the RSA is overworked attempting to balance exploration, colonization, and militarization. As a result the Rootigan Xeno Defense Force (RXDF) is founded, with Rootigans now deviating from their benevolence to much darker goals in colonizing the galaxy, no longer as a symbol of human accomplishment and its capabilities.

Early Twenty Third Century

At the dawn of the 23rd century, the Grand Empire of Rootiga (GER) had settled 383 solar systems, over a the course of 500 years of galactic colonization. The GER had 13 established core systems, and five colonies known as Esmite, Enoch, Turine, Tezvan, and Verdan. Many Rootigans were pouring into the colony of Verdan, while the other four remained relatively small and undesirable. Tezvan and Enoch had been on bad terms with the Rootigans since the ancient era, and it did not help that the Enoch was comprised of exiles, deportees, and criminals, or that the majority of Enochan people were working in labor camps. Late 2217, the two colonies had made contact with other xeno-nations in the area and created the framework for the Gregven Coalition. The coalition consisted of the two colonies, and 23 xeno-nations.

The Grand Empire of Rootiga's outer territories were attacked mid 2219. Whilst the war raged, Esmite joined the fight against the Rootigans. Unprepared to fight their former colony, devastating blows to the Ledo naval shipyard were dealt, and more than 80% of the shipyard was destroyed along with the entirety of its defending fleet. Following Esmite, Verdan joined the coalition and attacked eastern territories of the GER. Eventually the GER deployed Exterminators to the 23 xeno-nations capitals, weakening the coalition. 2220, the due to the loss of the majority of the coalitions firepower, the war began to turn towards attrition. The war continued for 4 months until a ceasefire was agreed upon. A treaty was not held until 2223, in which Verdan and Esmite gained the GER's eastern core territories and independence. Tezvan and Enoch received full independence, yet had no land gains. As of 2223, the GER lost empire status and became the Republic of Rootiga. Lastly was Turine, of which remained a colony for 20 years, before receiving independence upon the understanding that all of their metal deposits would be traded to the RoR.

Krekon Valkozek 1794

Krekon Valkozek is considered by Rootigans, to be the most important event in all of Gezogvian history. This was the worst catastrophe to ever hit Rootiga, it is an attempted extermination, and is a major contributing factor in the humanocentricism of Rootiga

Jolpae 2nd, 1794 an alien spacecraft entered the airspace of Malak a Rootigan mega city. The people in the city gazed at it in amazement, when it suddenly fired upon the city below, completely leveling it. The space craft continued wiping out cities on the Rootavian continent. The spacecraft destroyed 5 cities, including 6 mega cities, over a time period of six days, killing a total of 600 million. Military efforts were constantly made against the spacecraft, yet all proved ineffective. When the the spacecraft was detected on a path towards Vergokai, the military was given the the order to drop a test Planetary Fusion Bomb (PFB). The PFB completely destroyed the ships engines, causing the ship to fall out of the sky crashing into the city of Jenden, killing 2 million instantaneously. The remaining citizens were evacuated because of the radioactive effects, yet were later detained in quarantine zones.

Krekon Valkozek

The following days were filled with even more sadness, but more importantly, anger. With the collapse of the ship, a virus had broken out. The Virus spread across the central Rootavian continent, killing 300 million. Multiple quarantine lines were constructed, and the virus was contained, after the first second and third quarantine lines had failed. The radioactive effects mutated all living entities within the bombs range. The Jenden area was quarantined for another 200 years, before a solution to the radioactivity was discovered. During the initial attacks, the Human Supremacist Movement had moved the people of Rootiga, leading to the creation of the Human Primacy Party. The decades following Krekon Valkozek lead to the creation of Exterminator warships, and the genocide of 142 species.

Present Day

The Republic of Rootiga is the only nation in the known universe to have absolute zero tax, the government being forced to rely on primarily tariffs for income. Rootiga is the largest nation in the alpha quadrant making up 1/4 of the entire quadrants population, and consists of 143 systems, 2745 worlds, 1988 of which are unrestricted for corporation usage, while the remaining 757 are colonized inhabited planets. Rootiga is also the most stable nation in the known universe, in terms of economy and government, as well as public safety and way of life. The Blood Pact (referring to shared heritage) stands stronger than ever today with the super powers Rootiga, Verdan, Kliden, Esmite, and Turine united together to protect all human nations in the alpha quadrant. Rootiga is currently in the process of assisting the newly established Turnaist government in Nekoya, primarily to re-establish Nekoya as a colony under a puppet government.

The Republic of Rootiga is a humanocentric human nation with a homogeneous population. The population spread across all 147 systems speak the same language as well as follow the same religion. The Republic of Rootiga has engaged in the genocide of more than 700 sentient species, the majority of which were bugs, or pre-space era civilizations. Currently 1200 species serve as slaves on industrial worlds, with numbers estimated to be around 820 billion across 18 planets, living in the worst conditions imaginable, excluding distribution centers. The people of Rootiga view their initial leader Rootavia as a holy figure, the most beloved of all leaders, of which to a degree, is worshiped. The original capital Rootivakjeta is considered a holy site, complete with thousands of monuments, museums, artifacts, and religious shrines. The most luxurious and famous hotels in all of The Republic of Rootiga are located in Rootivakjeta, alongside the nations wealthiest population. The city is centered around a central monument dedicated to Rootavia. The city is home to the most famous and expensive hotels in all of the Republic of Rootiga, and is comprised of mostly high wealth citizens.

Human exceptionalism

All of the 5.2 trillion Rootigans are humans, humans of which are Ethnic Rootigan and support the conservative government. The Rootigans, more specifically Ethnic Rootigans, are very well known for their extreme focus on tradition, and being the same as one another. According to the Intergalactic Conference, the Gezogvians were the fastest to discover electricity, taking a period of only 2,200 years, far ahead second place taking 46,000 years (excluding civilizations that had the technology handed to them). The galaxies finest scientists and theorists have worked endlessly to try and discover the reason the Rootigans were able to develop as quickly as they have and reach the position of authority and power that they currently hold.

The most common theory states that the reason is because Rootigans are humans, that in nature, humans are truly superior to all other species in their galaxy, however polls state that more than 90% of the galaxies population rejects the idea. The theory states that the human brains develop at a rapid rate, combined with their ability to learn extremely quickly, their versatile nature, and their capability to rapidly breed, they are able to far exceed and outpace their xeno counterparts. The more religious civilizations believe that the Rootigan god is the reason for their success, hence the reason for their theocratic government and religious institutions. Yet it has been proven that a major contributing factor was the lack of internal conflict among themselves, unlike Terra, which has involved itself in hundreds of thousands of internal conflicts. The homogeneous population of Rootiga has been yet another contributing factor, with a very strongly united population the Rootigans were able to overcome nearly all challenges presented before them.

The focus on tradition and homogeneity has given the Republic of Rootiga its backbone for its strength. The Republic of Rootiga is often contrasted with Terra, as a polar opposite. Unlike the Republic of Rootiga, of which has placed high importance on family, religion, and maintaining tradition, Terra has done quite the opposite. In the 8th century, Rootiga officially established in the constitution a new article regarding the education system, particularly ideological, based on traditional conservative values. It is widely taught that Terra destroyed itself amidst Terra's 21st century, taking a more radical and progressive path, splitting the planet in half, deeply dividing its population, by supporting the "underdogs" of their world. Contrary to the Republic of Rootiga, which made great efforts to support the mass majority, eventually unifying and solidifying the nation after the events of Krekon Valkozek. Terra is currently an over populated, polluted, wasteland, its 20 billion citizens living in the known universes worst conditions, compared to Rootiga, which boasts the known universes highest living standards.


City garden by dandandantheman-d7htxco

Former capital, Rootivakjeta

Futuristic city 2 by joakimolofsson-d59agkh

Current capital, Rootibay

New Rootiga at Night FINISHED

Surface of Gezogvia at night

City Population Continent Founded
Vergokai 193,517,000 Verdania 1153AT
Lekteved 169,931,000 Markenia 1123AT
Gedravio 152,862,000 Rootavia 1530BT


124,783,000 Verdania 1168AT
Oronatiev 81,311,000 Rootavia 821BT
Turine 74,432,000 Rootavia 238AT
Zevenkreda 63,122,000 Turania 967AT

(Former Capital)

55,896,000 Rootavia 1531BT
Lavrotanda 41,540,000 Verdania 1352AT
Vardossa 30,923,000 Vardossa 1475AT


The Rootigan economy is an empire of its own, the backbone and strength of the Rootigan economy is provided by the registered 830,000,000 million businesses of the GDP being generated by the hundreds of millions of small businesses including agriculture, while the remaining 35% coming from supersized mining and industrial corporations. Rootiga houses the intergalactic stock market center in Rootivakjeta, however the "intergalactic" is only referring to nations with Rootigan heritage being allowed to conduct business inside.

It is common practice for major corporations to bid on millions of tons of ore in auction centers, usually in orbit of green-lit unrestricted mining planets. Typically a spokes person (Rodovan) will be hired to attend these auctions with a list of resources the company requires and a set amount of money that is allowed for bidding.

All nations currently using the RUC are former Rootigan Colonies, with the exception of Verda, Kliden, and Oluivenary, as a result Verdanian colonies also use the RUC. Oluivenary has adapted the RUC in attempt to distance itself from its mother state whilst tying itself to the Republic of Rootiga.

Unrestricted Worlds

These worlds have been green-lit by the government for unrestricted economic usage of the planet. These worlds are almost always unable to inhabit humans, colonies are not suitable for these worlds, as a result the government allows unlimited corporate construction and investment with the world. The government can however produce income by selling entire planets to corporations, in which only that

corporation may use the world, and has no restrictions as to what they can do with that planet, including allow other corporations to use it, and sometimes charge a fee for usage. Most planets are used by an average of 10-20 corporations that usually work together and help each other for mutual benefit to make a profit. There is no fee for using these planets, the only cost being what the corporations are willing to invest into the worlds, however the companies must apply separate for each individual planet they plan to use.


As powerful as the Theocratic Turnaist Republic of Rootiga is, the government has little control over its population. The Republic of Rootiga is unique in the known universe, being the only nation that has absolute zero tax. This has been the case since the very beginning of Rootiga, 4,000 years ago. Queen Rootavia was an adamant believer in God, and believed that the principle of taxation was the very definition of theft.

To supplement the lack of income the government had, she established the House of Exports, now known as the Department of International Commerce. The House of Exports was run by a group of people hired by the leader of Rootiga, they would be given housing and food in return for their labor, in which they produced rare and exotic goods that the House of Exports would sell to other kingdoms.

Government & Laws


  • Man was created by God and created with intelligence and the ability to speak, therefore it would be a sin against God to deny Man the ability to speak freely
  • Man was created equal in Gods eyes, there for, all Gezogvian humans will follow the same laws, with no exceptions
  • Man was created in Gods image, therefore Man must protect Gods image by taking arms against any creature that dares to defile the image of God, whether in defense or not
  • Man was created as the superior being by God, so it is stated in the Ronvel that Man rules over Gezogvia and all the creatures on it, it is determined that the needs of Man will be placed higher than any other
  • Man was created a free being, as in our best interest, the citizens of this nation have the right to possessions of their own
  • Man was created in the image of God, it is our duty to serve and protect his name with the creation of a voluntary military in his honor, in which the citizens of this nation are not and will never be forced into, as one can only chose to follow God's path
  • Man was created under the rule of God, with the need for a man to lead our people, a ruler true to God and his values, will be elected by the people

Important Galactic Laws

  1. Article 1 Section 1.1 - Varzagranism is the state religion and this is to be until the end of time
  2. Article 2 Section 1.1 - The Rootigan citizen is defined as being a Human born and raised in Rootiga, whilst the parents must also have been born in Rootiga, by Rootigans
  3. Article 2 Section 1.2 - All liberties of the constitution are guaranteed only to citizens
  4. Article 2 Section 3.1 - Humans of Gezogvian descent, originating from Gezogvian nations are the only acceptable applicants for immigration
  5. Article 2 Section 3.4 - In order to immigrate the applicant must be completely fluent in Gezogvian
  6. Article 3 Section 4.1 - Only Gezogvian human Rootigan male citizens may volunteer for the armed forces
  7. Article 3 Section 4.2 - All citizens are required to one years compulsory armed force service regardless of male or female at age 19
  8. Article 4 Section 2.1 - Compulsory firearm ownership consisting of one rifle of the citizens choice and a conceal carry
  9. Article 8 Section 6.3 - It is required in all school that children say the pledge of allegiance at the start of the school day
  10. Article 8 Section 6.5 - The citizens of Rootiga are required to attend school from ages 6-18
  11. Article 9 Section 7.1 - No man may work on the last day of the week for it is a holy day
  12. Article 9 Section 7.8 - The citizens of Rootiga cannot work more than 12 hours a day, 72 hours a week
  13. Article 11 Section 3.5 - All citizens having visited the forbidden worlds may never return home

Government Organization

Rootiga has a president called a Turinavent that is elected by the Gezogivan population living inside its borders. Turinavental elections occur every six years, the term limit for a Turinavent is three consecutive terms. Despite being a Turnaist system, the Rootigan Nationalist Party typically takes more than 90% of the nations votes. The major issue with the RNP being that the RNP always nominates an heir of the Rootavian line.

Every planet in the Republic of Rootiga will elect a senator, of which represents the world in the Kolven Turnai. The Kolven Turnai is a council of Rootigan elected officials compromised of senators. In order to retain power of the capital, the states on Gezogvia have as much political influence as planets do in Turninavental elections.

Political Parties

Despite the Republic of Rootiga having four political parties, since the dawn of Rootiga more than 4045 years ago, the Rootavian family has remained in power through the RNP's support. The three remaining parties are more than satisfied after losing an election, typically because the RNP will take leaders from each party and place them into their appropriate offices.

Rootigan Nationalist Party - The RNP was formerly known as the Centralist Party, however the party was reformed in 1794 immediately following the events of Krekon Valkozek. The RNP's policies place the Republic of Rootiga at the center of the universe, if any political action does not place Rootiga first, they will not support it. The RNP has a humanocentric overtone, in which they focus on the issues of Gezogvian humans, and how it effects the Republic of Rootiga. The RNP only supports the Turnaist ideology, with complete disregard for all others. However the RNP recognizes the nations responsibility to protect other Gezogvian nations, primarily Verdan and Kliden. Members of the RNP think very highly of the HPP, often showing support and agreeing with policies the HPP has.

Human Primacy Party - The HPP is the second most popular party, it was founded 1794 after Krekon Valkozek. Unlike the RNP which focuses on the people Republic of Rootiga, the HPP focuses on all the humans of Gezogvian descent. The HPP is responsible for the creation of the Exterminator warships, In defense of Man Bill, and worked with the RNP to create the End Goal Plan. The HPP pushes for the extermination of the non Gezogvian species in the galaxy. The HPP is also responsible for the GQ movement, in which the Republic of Rootiga would unite the Gezogvian nations, and seize control of the Alpha Quadrant. It is typical when the RNP wins an election, that many HPP members are placed in the foreign relations department.

Varzagranist Party - The VP is the religious party of the Republic of Rootiga, it is the third most popular and represents Rootigas established national religion within the government. The VP is mostly made of Priests, many major religious figures of the Varzagranist community. Regardless of elections, the VP leadership ends up in religious offices because of the constitution.

National Monarchist Party - The NPP is the smallest of the four parties, their end goal is the replace the Turnaist system of government and have all power restored to the Rootavian family. Due to their internal focus, they have little to no external policies.

Foreign Relationships

Colony Allied Friendly Neutral Enemies War
Kuln Verdan BP Tezvan Llveen Anastasia Bolskev (Bugs)
Teka Esmite BP Tunebau Xafos Enoch Rejemon
Apalyon Turine BP Venyate Weiban Nant Halabot
Calraniol Kliden BP Kembike Welate USW Terra
Manyon Bevack Furack Bagule
Halvol Mongal Timen
Kreden Oluivenary Cunran
Nekoya Manyon


Any alien species that the Republic of Rootiga comes in contact with, will have all of its inhabitants enslaved. If rebellion occurs, the Republic of Rootiga will demonstrate force by bombing the home worlds capital city. If rebellion continues, an Exterminator will be deployed to one of the species colonies. If a species poses a threat or is pre-space era, the Republic of Rootiga will immediately deploy Exterminators and wipe out the species. Since the events of Krekon Valkozek, 457 sentient species, have gone extinct by the hands of the Republic of Rootiga, leaving 632 worlds lying in ruin, many of which are tourist attractions, however 298 are forbidden worlds due to their toxicity from bio weapons.


Rootiga and Anastasian relationship is best characterized by the Rootigan Anastasian Wars.

It is said that no nation or people group hates one more than the Rootigans do the Anastasians. Rootiga and its people have never had a good opinion of Anastasia, primarily due to their first contact being when Verdan was attacked in 2265, during this time Rootiga and Verdan were in a war, but seeing their Gezogvian brothers were in danger, they ended the war and stepped in with Verdan against Anastasia. Anastasians are primarily a non-human species, that have a military run government, and have attempted to seize control of the Rootigan colony of Sequet. The best example of their relationship is Anastasian civil war, in which Rootiga had supplied and supported both sides of the conflict. This was done to cause as many casualties and destruction as possible. It is estimated that the death toll was 1732% higher than it would have been had the Rootigans not intervened.

Large portions of the Gezogvian population have been petitioning for the use of Exterminator class frigates on the Anastasian core systems. The Gezogvian nations are known to officially hire pirates on the Alpha and Beta Quadrant border. The pirates have been interrupting Anastasian trade with Xeno-nations in both the Alpha and Delta Quadrants, most of which are from the former colony Nant.


Turine is the closest ally of the Republic of Rootiga, Turine maintains an independent stance on most galactic issues, however will typically follow Rootiga's lead. Turine was the Republic of Rootiga's second galactic colony, colonized in the late 19th century. Turine is currently a member of the Blood Pact. It remained a colony of Rootiga years after all other colonies had been given independence. Turinians are very fond of Rootigans, and Rootigans of Turinians. Turine alone accounts for 72% of all Rootigan imports, nearly all of which is rare metals. Rootiga supported Turine in its civil war, ensuring that it would not fall to Tunebau, and Turinians are deeply greateful for it.

The Rootigan form of government known as Turnaism was originally developed by the Turinians, an enormous contributing factor as to why Rootigans are extremely fond of Turinians. Unlike other allies, the Turinian-Rootigan people are responsible for the nations relationship. Turinian people have great respect and awe for the people of Rootiga, whilst Rootigans maintain a very protective relationship with Turinians. Turinians have petitioned 13 times since 2243 (the date of which Turine was given independence), to join the Republic of Rootiga as a core system. The bill has been denied every time, yet has been gaining more support in the last decade.


Verdan is currently a member of the Blood Pact, an alliance of Gezogvian superpowers. Verdan is the Republic of Rootigas second closest and most powerful ally. Verdan started as a agricultural colony, in the early 22nd century. Today Verdan is the largest produce of all foods consumable to man, they specialize in rare and exotic foods of which are unable to grow on most planets, with 87% of agriculture related products being exported to the Republic of Rootiga. Verdanian and Rootigan foreign relations are entwined with one another, it is typical that if one goes to war, the other will follow. Verdan and Rootiga are each others primary export partners, with 36% of Rootigan exports going to Verdan, and 42% of Verdanian exports going to Rootiga.

The Republic of Rootiga and Republic of Verdan combined, contribute to more than half of all humans found in the entire galaxy. Together these strong allies boast a combined military might of 120,000 warships, 170M soldiers, and conduct military training exercises together on a daily basis. The two nations have a travel agreement in which all citizens in either nation can travel between with no required legal documents, as well as a unique immigration process which allows citizens to immigrate within a single week of application. Despite Verdanian and Rootigan citizens being overall very friendly with one another, there are minorities that strongly dislike one another, as a result of their historical differences.


Nekoya if official, would have been Rootigas 6th galactic colony, however it was used as a dumping ground where humans that were genetically modified and tested on were sent. A successful experiment lead to the removal of 10,000 test subjects, and the outlawing of genetic modification and experimentation on human beings. Despite the negative history between Rootiga and Nekoya, the two nations populations are very fond of one another. In 2480, the Republic of Rootiga lifted the immigration ban on Nekoyans, leading to a massive influx of millions per month, causing the limitation of Nekoyan immigration to 10,000,000 per year. The number was limited yet again to only 1,000,000 in 2487 due to public opinion and the HPP.

Nekoya recently exited a civil war, in which the Turnaist government emerged victorious with support from the Rootigan government. Nekoya has been split between supporters of the nationalistic monarchy which held all power, and a large portion which wanted to be free, and to have a closer relationship with the Republic of Rootiga. The newly installed Turnaist government of Nekoya is extremely pro-Rootigan, even establishing Varzagranism as its national religion, replacing the previous religion established by the monarchy. Despite being allowed to immigrate to Rootiga, Nekoyans have not been granted the rights of citizens, and never will, due to Article 2 Section 1.2 of the constitution.


Kliden is one of the five members of the Blood Pact, and is the smallest as well as weakest of the five. Kliden and Rootiga are cooperating with one another for the EGP, the Rimworld Initiative, and Zukudei Nodre agreement. Rootiga and Kliden are very strong allies, Klidens economy is completely dependent on Rootiga, with more than 90% of its imports and exports going to and from the Republic of Rootiga.

Forbidden Worlds

Forbidden worlds are planets that the Rootigan government has an active ban upon which prohibits all living beings both Rootigan and foreign, from being visited. The First bans were enacted on 23 planets in 1795 the year following Krekon Valkozek. The in the Defense of Man bill was drafted after massive human supremacist movement had broken out demanding separation of man and alien species. The Forbidden worlds are planets that were alien civilizations that had human Rootigans and alien species of which co-existed together, following the Defense of Man bill all humans were removed from these worlds, and the non-human species were bombed to extinction. These planets are a forgotten memory of what once was, there is not a living being that knows the truth of what lies on these worlds as everyone involved has since long been dead, and not a single living being has visited these planets in over 700 years.

All of the current forbidden worlds are planets that were inhabited by alien species, however due to their toxicity they are forbidden. These worlds can be toxic for a variety of reasons, some planets have naturally toxic gas and hazardous environments to man, however the majority of the worlds live in an eternal nuclear winter, or have deadly bio-weapon remains of which are harmful to humans. The majority of these planets are invested with mutated species of and other deformed versions of the native inhabitants as a result of their toxicity. The vast majority of the Forbidden worlds are products of project Elimination, which enacted by President Koroga Valdenza, stated all alien species sentient or not must be eliminated as long as they do not pose a threat.


The Republic of Rootiga's military is the largest in the galaxy, in terms of spacecraft and weapons of mass destruction. The Rootigan navy is famous for its streamlined mass-produced warships, primarily to construct thousands of vessels simultaneously. Rootigan spacecraft are among the most heavily armored in the galaxy, yet have no capability to carry aircraft. However, the Republic of Rootiga boasts the most powerful carriers in the galaxy, as well as largest carrying capacity. The Rootigan military has full access and to WMD, most of which are bio weapons, as well as the authority to use them.

The vast majority of the Republic of Rootiga's ships are built in the shipyard of Nishpan, however Nishpan produces no aicraft, while most aircraft are produced in the shipyard of Ebrixnia. The shipyard of Gezogvia is used for construction elite warships such as the Verdoaz warships, Exterminator class frigates, Rootavian class capital battleships, and the Gezogvia commanding ship. The shipyard of Nishpan currently houses a fleet graveyard of 45,000 outdated warships, which were designed prior to the 2490 streamline. The ships abandoned at the Nishpan shipyard are in line to be scrapped, however over 21,000 vessels have already been scrapped in the last 10 years.

Carriers The Rootigan carrier holds 5,000 interceptor fighters, 5,000 attack aircraft, 5,000 standard bombers 2,500 torpedo bombers, and 2,500 multi role aircraft. Rootigan carriers are especially vulnerable to attack, as a result they remain out of firing range, far behind their assigned fleet when in battle. The carrier bears 10 - 15 inch batteries, and holds a stunning 400 anti-aicraft guns

Corvettes Rootigan corvettes play supportive roles on the battlefield, assisting many larger ships. Corvettes are equipped with 20 - 15 inch batteries, 50 - 10 inch batteries (strong against shields), and 150 air eliminator guns.

Destroyers While it is rare to see destroyers, as the Republic of Rootiga primarily uses destroyers for port, shipyard, and planetary defense. The destroyers are equipped with 10 - 50 inch batteries, 20 - 25 inch batteries, 30 - 20 inch batteries, 50 - 15 inch batteries, and 150 anti-aircraft guns, and 50 air eliminator guns

Frigates The frigate is the main warship of the Rootigan navy, with all vessels being up to date, and being an overall well-rounded ships. The frigate carries 2,500 aircraft, has 50 - 30 inch main batteries, 70 - 15 inch batteries, and 200 anti-aircraft guns, aside from the frigate and carrier, no other Rootigan warships carry aircraft. The Rootigan frigate is the most commonly used ship in battle, it takes place primarily in offensive battles, yet never engages star bases and shipyards, due to its medium armor. Of the 33,224 frigates, there are 125 Koradian sniper class, and 50 Exteriminator class.

Cruisers The Rootigan cruiser is the heavy warship of the Rootigan military, it carries no aircraft, yet has 30 - 40 inch batteries, 60 - 30 inch batteries, 90 - 15 inch batteries, and packs over 260 anti-aircraft guns. The cruiser packs the heaviest armor in the fleet, second only to Rootavian class Ravagers. The bow of the Rootigan cruiser is the heaviest section of the vessel, said to be impenetrable to every variation of known weapons. This unfortunately prevents cruiser from entering the atmosphere of any planets, the reason for the bow heavy armor is primarily for ramming, of which Rootigan cruisers are famously known for.

Convoys Rootigan convoys carry 6 - 15 inch batteries, and 50 anti-aircraft guns, while having little to know armor. Convoys do not share the streamlined design of regular warships, there are hundreds of convoy designs used by the Rootigan navy. Only a small portion of convoys are produced by the military, more than 95% are developed by private arms corporations. The only standard among convoys are its defenses, of which are required by law.

Hospitals Rootigan hospital ships carry no weapons and have very light weight armor, in order to comply with international law. The Rootigan hospital ship can efficiently tend to 25,000 wounded, however at max capacity may carry up to 75,000, the ship has a total crew of 1,000 with 9,000 medical staff. The hospital is a deviation from the traditional streamlined linear design, the supply ship being much bulkier, being much taller and wider than the rest of the navy.

Battleships Rootigan battleships are very rare to see in battle, due to their limited availability they are usually limited to one per Kozda fleet, always serving as a flagship. Kozda fleets are not deployed unless there is a major defensive battle, or a major counter offensive taking place. Battleships carry 50, 50 inch batteries, 40, 40 inch batteries, and 30 - 30 inch batteries, and is armed with only 100 anti-aircraft guns. Battleships lie at the rear of the fleet, usually near carriers due to their very long range guns, as well as their susceptibility to attack by aircraft.

Verdoaz The Verdoaz class of ships are the only Rootigan warships of which are not streamlined and mass produced, these vessels are highly experimental and each ship has a completely different load out from that of every other ship in the navy. Verdoaz ships are mostly used to test experimental weaponry, and are often seen on Rootigan enslaved xeno-worlds, where the weapons are tested on the indigenous species.

Exterminators The Exterminator class warship comes very few in numbers, primarily due to their very expensive cost to produce, as well as the lack of need for a large number of the Exterminators. The Exterminator class is a line ships that have no weapons other than one primary cannon, of which takes 10 minutes to charge, and produces a deafening sound, and a blinding beam, that destroys the surface planets, wiping out all life within seconds. The Exterminator class was originally built to contain and wipe out the species of bugs in the galaxy, of which are viewed as a cancer, however in recent years has been used to wipe out many other species, most of which had fought back after they were enslaved.

Ravagers Regular ravager class warships are largely kept secret, yet the Rootavian class ravagers are the pride and joy of the Rootigan navy, and are very well known. The Rootavian class Ravager is the largest and most power class of warships ever produced by the Rootigan government. The warship has the heaviest armor of any ship in the galaxy, and boasts the infamous 100 inch artillery guns, of which the Rootavian class Ravagers carry 10, and are known to pierce warship, star base, and planetary shields. The vessels also carry 60 - 60 inch batteries, 50 - 50 inch batteries, and bears 300 anti-aircraft, the Ravagers carry now aircraft what so ever, and are always accompanied by 9 carriers, 3 battleships, 9 cruisers, 27 frigates, and 18 corvettes. A Ravager has never been seen fighting alone, but there are rumors that they have been used to wipe out entire star bases and shipyards seconds, traveling alone to minimize the risk of being seen.

Capital Ship The last and most mysterious of them all is claimed to be the largest known ship in the galaxy, the Gezogvian command class capital ship, the vessels existence has been stated to be confirmed by the Rootigan government. The Gezogvia has never been seen before, and has been said to have the capability to instantaneously communicate with each and every single ship and soldier in the Rootigan military, from anywhere in the galaxy.

In Service In Reserve In Trial In Construction Ordered Decomissioned
Corvette 6,491 11,732 10 400 1,600 8,185
Destroyer 8,585 15,568 10 400 400 11,663
Frigate 12,742 20,482 800 1,200 24,825
Cruiser 464 3,132 50 175
Carrier 100 343 20 2,463
Battleship 359 10
Verdoaz 95 15
Exterminator 50
Ravager 32 24 8 10

Ground Forces

Rootigan infantry are known for being very poorly trained but very well equipped. Infantry typically carry one standard assault rifle, one CQB rifle, and one standard pistol. Rootigan forces carry three EMP grenades as well as one nuclear grade explosive, accompanied by two traditional HE grenades. Basic Rootigan infantry have been known for the use of tactical nuclear devices including nuclear grenades, rocket launchers, and armored vehicles equipped with nuclear shells. The average front line soldier of the Rootigan Army costs 78,000 RUC, more than double that of Verdan, Anastasia, and Turine, the three following largest military's.

Infantry platoons are always deployed with one MSU-7 (Mechanized Support Unit 7th gen). The MSU is a 40 foot tall fully autonomous mech, which can be piloted, although only remotely. They are equipped with tank grade 10 inch barrel assault rifles, and carry more than six thousand pounds of infantry equipment, varying from firearms to apparel and medical supplies. The Republic of Rootiga has made great efforts in the last one hundred years to reduce the number of human soldiers on the ground, and replace them entirely with machines. The governments efforts have been enormously successful as there are currently 20 million less enlisted in the army than in 2403, whilst the navy has seen an increase of 40 million.

Galactic Colonization

Galactic Map

Major systems with 10B+ population listed

The first galactic Rootigan colonization took place in the late 19th century, expanding to nearby systems with habitable worlds starting with Esmite, and Turine. Rootiga is the largest nation in the galaxy both in terms of controlled systems and population, its influence stretching across 56 nations most of which were former Rootigan colonies or territories given autonomy. Human Rootigans have spread across the Alpha Quadrant, now inhabiting more than 17,695 systems, 3/5 of the systems in the entire quadrant. Many nations in the galaxy that refer to the Human Rootigan countries as one gigantic nation, due to their ethnic, religious, lingual, and political ties to the superpower.

Core Systems Population GDP


Gezogvia (Capital) 26.9B 15.7 Homeworld
Nishpan 18.7B 9.5 Primary Naval Base and Shipyard
Ucrichi 21.3B 13.1 Secondary World
Ziris 15.5B 8.7 Naval Shipyard
Lothranda 17.1B 10.3 Major Naval Base
Sheratan 12.1B 5.1 Major Naval Base
Taramba 37.8B 27.8 Highest populated system
Delta Pavonis 22.4B 14.2 Major Naval Base
Ebrixnia 23.0B 13.6 Naval Shipyard
Ceyxuemia 15.6B 7.9 Naval Shipyard
Ezveria 12.7 6.3 Major Naval Base
Koradia 16.5 11.1 Technological Capital
Dearum 300,000 N/A Galactic Holy Site

Galactic Territory

Direct Colony Territory Disputed Territory
Teka Sequet Manyon
Kuln Nekoya Tulapeo
Apalyon Nant
Calraniol Venyate



The Varzgranian holy site Dormora

Dearum is a temperate planet, which has been established as a holy world by the Republic of Rootiga. It is located in the core region of Rootiga, 12 light years north of Gezogiva. Ancient ruins cover all of Dearums eight continents. The ruins on Dearum are very human in appearance, the same style of architecture has been located across more than 100 worlds in the galaxy. The origin of the ruins is unknown, yet due to the abundance and volume of these ruins across the galaxy they have been under investigation of the Intergalactic Conference. The Rootigan government claims to know the origin of the ruins, yet the Republic of Rootigan has refused to disclose any and all information. The Republic of Rootiga had conducted excavations on Dearum since 2257, finding the remains of the planets inhabitants. A portion of the skeletons were sent to Rootivakjeta, where they now lie in the religious districts central museum.

People of Rootiga

The people of the Republic of Rootiga are extremely friendly and communal. Weekly parties are held among Rootigan neighborhoods, a tradition which developed with the suburb. Rootigans are well known for their inability to live on their own, typically live in large communities. They care for one another as if they were family, even to complete strangers. Rootigans share a bond with one another, that of which is unique among them alone in the galaxy.

It is typical for most to avoid Rootigans because of their habit of being brutally honest, even where it is not welcome. Yet among one another, their honesty has built trust and unity among the Rootigan people.

All diseases, viruses, and illnesses including cancer have been completely eliminated through mandatory vaccination laws, with the exception of the common cold. The Republic of Rootiga has cures for every current known illness to man. The Rootigans even have the capability to regrow lost limbs of human beings.



  • 49% have blonde hair
  • 27% have brown hair
  • 24% have red hair


  • 41% have green eyes
  • 38% have blue eyes
  • 13% have brown eyes
  • 9% have other colors


At age 25 men are 6'6, and women are 6'2



Each flag has the star of Varzaganism, the state religion, centered in the middle of each flag, representing the authority of God over the theocratic government. As for the flag of the republic, the stripes represent the continents on the home world, one stripe for each continent. The stars represent the the core systems of the Republic of Rootiga, one for the sun each system. The flag was made official in 2230, after the nation lost empire status following the colonial rebellion of 2229, the new flag to have better representation of the Turnaist government.

The white on the flag signifies peace, purity, and harmony. Blue signifies determination, liberation, and good fortune. Blue was chosen because the Republic of Rootiga views itself as liberating the galaxy, from the cancer that is alien species. The shade of blue has been used for thousands of years, and is referred to as royal blue, dating back to when the Rootavian family held all power. Rootiga is determined to bring peace to the galaxy through a homogeneous human population.

The Republic of Rootiga had been reworked into the Grand Empire of Rootiga in 1855, the Imperial flag was designed by the Rootigan Nationalist Party. Following the nations colonization of a 10th solar system, the flag Imperial flag was adopted. The flag was redesigned when the RNP took office, after which they held public polls to decide the new flag, for the Grand Empire of Rootiga.

The galactic flag was designed in 2501, after the lost colony of Sequet was incorporated into the nation, as well as the initiation of the Rimworld Initiative. The galactic flag was intentionally designed to be a hybrid of the Republic and Imperial flags, to represent the size and power, as well as the religious and turnaist aspects of the Republic of Rootiga.