Nekoya if official, would have been Rootigas 6th galactic colony, however it was used as a dumping ground where humans that were genetically modified and tested on were sent. A successful experiment lead to the removal of 10,000 test subjects, and the outlawing of genetic modification and experimentation on human beings. Unfortunately for the planet, the vast majority of these people were poor, unskilled people looking for money, the reason they volunteered for the experiment. This created the vast majority of issues that Nekoya currently faces, one of which being the education system and average intelligence rating being the lowest of Gezogvian nations. Nekoya is a former "colony" of Rootiga, despite it not being the product of a colonization effort. Nekoya is the result of the Republic of Rootiga displacing human of which were genetically modified and experimented on. The population of Rootiga could not bear to bring death upon their follow humans, feeling sorrow for them, yet could not stand the sight of these people. The alternative decided upon in 1883 was to create a mandatory displacement program, in which all human whom were genetically altered were forced onto a nearby continental planet.

Nekoya was a three system nation, with very little focus on expansion in its early days, due to internal political struggles. The unfortunate fate of the nation has thrown it into the status of a city state (one system nation) as a result of the recent civil war. Whilst in the civil war, the other only two systems Nekoya held, annexed by the neighboring nation of Tunebau. Nekoya has been suffering from overpopulation for two centuries, unable to keep up with the extreme rapid growth, the new Turnaist government implemented a maximum child capacity of 6 per family. An average family prior to the law was between 10 and 15 children, thrusting much of the population in poverty and starvation due to lack of natural resources.