Verdan is a large Gezogvian nation in the Alpha Quadrant, and is one of the Gezogvian superpowers and a member in the Blood Pact.


Verdan is a very old nation, dating back to the dawn of man on Gezogvia, on the continent of Verdania, where the name Verdan originates.


Verdan is very well known and characterized among the other human nations as the "crazy colonist". This stems from Verdanian expansionist policy which brought it great wealth and conflict in the 24th century. If the Republic of Verdan had currently absorbed all of its colonies and vassals it would be the largest empire in the galaxy, consisting of more than 400 systems. Verdanian colonies are very loyal to the Republic of Verdan, of which is loyal to her mother state and great ally the Republic of Rootiga.

The Republic of Rootiga is superior in terms of numbers of colonies, of which are highly developed, however Verdan has fewer much larger colonies, the all of which have gained independence, a quality Rootigan colonies lack. Verdan so to speak, has taken the Republic of Rootigas place as the forefront of colonization among the Human nations, since the devastating loss in the colonial rebellion of 2229. Verdanian colonization has slowed down in recent years, primarily to invest in Verdanian colonies and outer territories in the far east, the majority of development will be along the lines of terraforming, as the technology was recently invented by Bevack, a former colony.

Foreign Relations

Alpha Map Verdanian approval

Foreign populations approval rating

Verdan historically was isolationist, expanding rapidly whilst leaving their neighbors to destroy one another. Yet this changed after the Anastasian-Verdanian war, since then Verdan has become far more interventionist and has been looking to expand its influence and control in the galaxy, primarily due to their alliance with the Republic of Rootiga.

Rootigan Alliance

Verdan is Rootiga's greatest ally and Rootiga is Verdans, many (humans) have nicknamed this the Holy Alliance, as it is between the galaxies two largest human nations. This was not always the case, as in the mid 23rd century they were fighting a multi-decade war against the Rootigans. The war abruptly ended in 2265 when Verdan was attacked by an overwhelming alien species which devastated their fleets in the first 3 battles. However during the battle for the capital, the Rootigans had arrived completely unexpectedly, and for a brief time period after the Rootigans had first arrived, the Verdanians generals had assumed the worst, that they had come to deliver the final blow. They were proven mistaken when the Rootigan ships began to fire upon the enemy vessels. That momment sparked the alliance that still continues strong to this day.

The Republic of Verdan and Republic of Rootiga combined contribute to more than half of all humans found in the entire galaxy. Together these strong allies boast a combined military might of 120,000 warships, 170M soldiers, and conduct military training exercises together on a daily basis. The two nations have a travel agreement in which all citizens in either nation can travel to or visit the other with no required legal documents, as well as a unique immigration process which allows citizens to immigrate within a single week of application. The two nations make great efforts to keep their bond strong not only among the political level, but among the nations massive populations.

Foreign Relationships

Allied Friendly Neutral Enemies
Rootiga BP Tunebau Enoch Timen
Esmite BP Xafos Manyon
Turine BP Weiban Nant
Kliden BP Welate USW
Bevack Bagule Anastasia
Mongal Cunran Nekoya